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SEC Launches Probe Into Kodak After Warren Raised Questions Over Lucrative Covid-19 Deal With Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/04/sec-launches-probe-kodak-after-warren-raised-questions-over-lucrative-covid-19-deal


drumpf and wall street aren’t even trying to hide their corruption any longer from public view. Fines, schmines, it won’t stop until people start going to jail.


Target date for the completion of this probe…2024


What’s to investigate (stonewall/cover up), bring charges and prosecute. We all know that NOTHING will come of the forced investigation, after all this is business as usual in our present corporate kleptocracy.


Does Kodak routinely develop difficult new medicines ?


Maybe they can concoct something from some old darkroom chemicals.


Yes, they are after everything they can get at taxpayers expense. Kodak a film maker? what do they have to do with making drugs? More than likely a trump donor, there all feeding off the droughts of taxpayers coffers.


More self-serving, partisan grandstanding from one of this century’s most dedicated enemies of the left…

Thanks, Senator, now crawl back into your hole, you Biden-sparing, Bernie-smearing, warmongering, entitled white/culture-appropriating, policy-oscillating serial liar and fraud. Go back to covertly conspiring with party leaders about how best to prevent any actual liberal from coming to power. Go back to plotting how best to sabotage the progressive movement in future elections.

And may your future efforts – including your bid for reelection – all end in dismal failure!

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History (written by the winners, as they say) as practice tells us of military coups, of political coups, but I do Not ever recall being taught about the role of the nation wrecking ball of corporate army power.

We would seem to be amid an ongoing rolling coup to install neo-feudalism with Wallmart being the icon of an appallingly salacious depravity. The governance structures since Citizen United and Raygun have been dragged through gutting of resources, appointments of puppets to keep ongoing the destruction of “agency” in this country. The crisis is so acute that the time frame of capitalism - which is short by design - functions with clutch at the ready to go into reverse. This is already the state of the financial system - and has been for a while. It is not a “coincidence” the human capacity to engage in governance is called “agency” as is any office that is structured to provide said agency.

Keep your filters ready for the intensification and variability of the news flowing down the septic pipe.


While best known as a manufacturer and distributor of photo supplies, the making of film (especially color film) is was an exacting process involving many highly complex chemicals.  Kodak has been in the ‘exotic’ chemical business for
a long, long time, and IIRC diversified extensively several years ago when it became clear that digital cameras would soon replace chemistry-based photography for the majority of applications.


Hi TrumpTowerof BabeI:
I was wondering too----Kodak is known for making cameras and fit and a kinds of things to heIp [peope make pictures. So, is Trump paying Kodak to make pictures of aII the dead peopIe?

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Not that I’m aware of.
Just photo dtuff…?

…I just needed to thank you Senator Warren…

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Maybe Kodak was too late to get a chunk of feeding frenzy over CARES Act $$$ billion$ that was given away to GOP’s huge corporate donors? Guess they didn’t get the memo & must’ve thought all that money was really meant to help businesses suffering economic loss due to Covid-19 “shutdown”. (Ha-ha-ha-ha)
Can’t have big donor friends walk away empty-handed in the biggest damn giveaway of Trillion$$$, now can we? Trump sure doesn’t care if the GENERIC meds made work, or not! It’s just the generics, not what the wealthy folks will be taking, just those with crappy health ins., or Medicare maybe.

Thank you

In no way meant to excuse the greed of Multi-NaZional Korporations, just explaining Kodak’s background in pharmaceuticals and other highly complex chemicals.