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Second 1000-Year Flood in Two Years Slams into Historic Maryland City


Second 1000-Year Flood in Two Years Slams into Historic Maryland City

Common Dreams staff


A Maryland city was devastated late Sunday afternoon after 6-inches of heavy rain caused a downtown flash flood.

Ellicott City was still recovering from a flash flood two years ago that forced the historic city to rebuild much of its Main Street. Residents said Sunday’s flood seemed even worse than the storm in July 2016 -- which was called an extremely rare, once every 1000 years event.

An emergency warning was issued by the National Weather Service at 4:40 p.m.


Wow! The Chinese sure now how to set up a convincing hoax. Almost looks real, eh, Donald?


It’s all done with Photoshop and Facebook algorithms.


Here is what you need to do. Go shopping and have more kids! Kayaks are on sale at Wal Mart!



The kids are not the problem, your fucking cars, your air conditioning, and your 5K sq ft houses are the problem.


Imagine we could well have had free clean wireless electric energy but for multiple conspiracies federal reserve act 1913 Morgan and Rockefeller forced us stay by hiding from sight and get this factoid brother Trump’s father claimed all Tesla papers had no military application.Tesla death ray he marketed after first world war proved work recently but what the real all wars war profiteering banks elites and secondary elites method reduce over population.GOP always preferred war killing excess off then using or allowing birth control and Christian flock GOP.Hypocrites one and all so disgusting.


That is a natalist response. And who exactly buys all these products all over the world?


Yes, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

The storm Alberto is coming up the coast and threating massive flooding and a state of emergency has already been called for several states because of the forecast.

Get that - the first storm name for Hurricane season was called and it’s only May 27th. It will hit on the holiday.

Here are the names they’ll use for 2018

This year hurricane season starts June 1. Here is the prediction


Okay, so I’ve gathered from your posts since you used that, “natalist” crap on me to that natalist means someone who allows people to have children. You truly are one of the psycho zero growthers, aren’t you!


You post links to massive disasters and predictions for worse, and you also think people should have more children.

And I am the one who is psycho?


Are you paid to be here?

When you hear the word climate change you scream stop having kids instead of regulate the oil industry.

I’m gathering this is like the gun lobby yelling it’s crazy people - so regulate them, and not access to guns.

You’re ONLY coming off as someone doing that. It sounds like a message the gas and oil industry is paying for. Quick, spread a lie, make everyone believe it’s people and not emissions.


Well okay then. You should definitely get out there and create more people! You can explain to your children, who will be starving in a refugee camp, that you were waiting for everyone to stop using fossils fuels before using birth control.


And your repeated message with never answering to the comments presented SCREAM of the shill posts like all the “Clinton Supporters” who posted for her non stop and never once answered the evidence against her. You go deaf to anyone’s comments and only repeat your message over and over. You’re a professional. You’re only posting as one on this site. It’s non-stop blame the growing population and certainly not the oil and gas industry for climate change and climate related problems.

I’m guessing the Koch brothers are funding this lie you keep repeating.


Oh and Rainy, you do realize that you’re using fossil fuels to write your comments?

The problem with your argument is we have already bought the ticket and the train left the station long ago. Now you’re saying that it’s the fault of the train.

Whatever. We’re still on the train.

I am just saying that now is not a good time to pick up more passengers, since the train is heading over a cliff.


No, you’re here spreading new attacks on people who would cite the oil and gas industry for climate change. You’re saying it’s the population of the earth and if someone says it’s fossil fuels you call them a “natalist” - someone pro-birth. It’s like the Clinton shills calling everyone a woman hater that didn’t support her. You’re all over this site spreading this “population problem” and calling people names if they don’t agree or do what Yunzer did - name the gas industry for the problem. He cites fossil fuels and you called him a “natalist” - someone pro kids. Just as you called me on another thread.

You’re exposed dude.


I agree with Yunzer, that cars are an abused technology and large homes use more energy and most are car-dependent. However, electric and hybrid PHEVs have terrific potential to minimize misuse. They offer a long list of benefits including an emergency backup power supply. I too put the over-population question much further down the list of grave concerns.


Well good, you can tell your starving children who’s town was just flooded, or burned, or destroyed by drought, or sunk under a rising sea, or lost in a war, that your car has eco friendly power system.

It will be such a comfort for them.

Oh and there are currently tens of millions of climate refugees, and the number grows by the hour.

But I am sure that won’t happen to you and your family, because of your car power supply


Hillary Hillary Hillary! LOL! When all else fails, left right or center, bring up Hillary. I almost feel sorry for her.

You are a natalist. You ignore the evidence right in front of your face, including what you posted, and then say it’s okay to have more kids, because first we need to stop companies from using fossil fuels.

That’s just silly dude. You are obsessed with having children or you don’t care what happens to them. One or the other.

End fossil fuels, okay. But this train has already left the station. DUDE.


Would you rather I call you a child abuser? I thought natalist was being kind and precise.


Use this story as an example. You have a town that flooded massively two years ago.

There is really no news there. Since the 1980s scientists have predicted this. They were ignored. People had kids and went shopping. Businesses sold stuff to them. All was ignored.

In the past five years science has said that water vapor is going to be the most pressing issue, with massive changes in precipitation all over the world. Expect historic floods.

People had kids and went shopping. Businesses sold stuff to them.

So these people in Ellicott knew two years ago that climate change was now, not only real, but a pressing real time issue. But they rebuilt. They had kids. They went shopping. Businesses sold stuff to them.

But let’s review. THEY KNEW TWO YEARS AGO! Why on earth would someone have more kids knowing that this is what the world is going to look like from here on?

Natalist is putting it mildly my friend. This is neglect.