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Second Federal Court Orders USPS to Reverse DeJoy's Changes to Ensure Timely Delivery of Mail-In Ballots

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/second-federal-court-orders-usps-reverse-dejoys-changes-ensure-timely-delivery-mail

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Please tell me what happens WHEN DeJoy again refuses to comply with a court order?

Time for spines to be shown and consequences meted out.

Nope - more angry memos, and calls for investigative panels.


If the courts are this disturbed about messing with the USPS why isn’t anyone being held accountable.
If it was Hillary we would be on our fifth or sixth committee hearing by now.

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A monitor.
Heck, we would need at least one at every regional sorting center at each work shift. More at large volume zip code post offices.

How much clout does this federal district judge have?

I’ll bet a donut and a coffee that there is a Chicago traffic magistrate (hired gun) who has more clout than a NY southern district federal judge.
A federal judge not in chicago, but nearby, approved the witness protection for a ranking gang drug kingpin who admitted committing six murders. And you ask me to respect this species!!

Grateful to Jones and those who have been taking on this fight in the courts.

As people note here, the current “law and order” administration hasn’t been too willing to follow the law themselves. Will see how it all goes, but a court victory is a good thing.

to anyone expecting things to change at USPS with this ruling-the time to fight the Fascist takeover of our country was decades ago when the Republicans committed treason to get their candidates elected and the Dems stood around with their thumbs in their mouths while they did it-even letting SCOTUS get away with the subversion of the Constitution (while they played the perfect patsies to noisy and corrupt Republicans)–a document that both parties have been working overtime to destroy( NDAA)