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Second Intel Whistleblower Considering Coming Forward With 'More Direct Information' on Trump-Ukraine Talks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/05/second-intel-whistleblower-considering-coming-forward-more-direct-information-trump

“What anonymity does is strip away that tendency to shoot the messenger rather than listen to the message,” said Radack.

And that is a powerful message to look at the crimes committed and exposed by the whistleblower. Honor Manning and Snowden and others for their bravery and speaking truth to power.


For the 2020 election cycle the GOP appears to have only a single plan, that could potentially be instituted in two parts.
First, make Trump into a living martyr. And in lieu of that not working, go to plan 1A, make him into a dead one.
Face it, the idea that they could win the house back now is as dead as the dodo. Their only chance to hold the senate is to hang Trump on a cross and have him bemoan his plight, rallying the faithful to turn out in record numbers, all the while suppressing as many democratic votes as possible. A tough road to hoe grant you, but possible considering that the DNC continues to alienate its base all the while rubbing shit all over itself in the hope that a great (white) moderate can defeat a wounded Trump. That way the DNC doesn’t have to change for at least another 4 years.
There could be 10 whistle blowers. 12. It won’t matter. The GOP faithful have decided that if the ship is going down, they will simply put on nose plugs and go with it. And in doing so, make it impossible for anyone to fix the nation.
As Trump goes down, the fields will be salted, the wells will be poisoned, and the village will be set ablaze.


Which side of the oligarchy fighting for control of our government will this whistleblower be supporting?


This person is filing as a whistle blower to protect their own skin. They avoid being identified as a witness in one of the congressional hearings. They may be one of the sources for the first whistle blower. They should receive whistle blower status only by providing new, solid, concrete evidence as of this coming Monday morning.

otherwise, a 15 yard or year penalty for personal foul, piling on.

My guess is that almost everyone who is in, or has been in, this administration has things they SHOULD tell us - and congress. Anyone that doesn’t come forward is an enemy to the Constitution and the United States. And they should be treated as such


Good Point.
will he/she be a ‘plant’ by the Reich to screw things up even more?

The GOP faithful that I know are all contrarians. They luv destruction of the fabric

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I agree with 98.543% of what you’re saying, except the drama of his followers. I think that the longer this drags on more Trump shit will be hitting the fans. His followers may have 2nd thoughts and scurry back into their holes.


Remember the progressives aren’t fond of Trump either. Some voted for Trump in 2016 because they loathed Killery so much more.


Brand D flipping the Senate will be a near impossibility despite only needing four red-to-blues.

There just aren’t many vulnerable Brand R senators in purplish states. Collins in Maine, Gardner in Colorado, Kyl in Arizona…but Doug Jones is just about a guaranteed Dem loser in Alabama.

Count on seeing McConnell in charge for a long time.

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I predict democrats will take back Congress with Warren leading the way. And Texas will elect a dem senator.

And democrats need to make clear—anyone who thinks Trumps behavior is OK should not be in public office. And it’s TIME to clean up both parties.


Let’s bring in, Mr. Clean to do the job…

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I kept Biden in my Top 5 candidate pick because polls supposedly show him with enough support. After his miserable showing in the Climate Crisis debate, I pushed him out of my Top 10 list. He reminds me too much of el presidente’ pigface. Biden sidestepped questions and offered too many disjointed answers. His toothy smile conveying unquestionably honest leadership was worse than unconvincing.

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Yeah, it sure is hilarious to see all these Democrats lining up and praising this particular “whistle blower” as the whistle is being blown on this clown of a president. Meanwhile the exact same crowd are all on board with the imprisonment of Chelsea Manning and the persecution of Julian Assange. Have ANY of these people said ANYTHING about those whistle blowers? What a bunch of hypocrites. Also, this “whistle blower” was allegedly a CIA operative in the White-house (a normal thing apparently). They would be a whistle blower IF they were exposing a CIA activity. In this case, this “whistle blower” is just doing what spooks do. Spying on someone and then leaking the info anonymously. That is not whistle blowing. That is just spying.


Yes. Trump should certainly be impeached / accused by the House (for many reasons since day one of his White House residency) and he should certainly be tried and convicted by the Senate (only possible if a torrent of disgrace were to befall Trump and erase “his base” of voters).

Trump should be impeached. But this pure two-party infighting – wrestling and struggling for the reins of power, back-and-forth accusing each other of very narrow corruption, without ever touching in the slightest the base corruption of the US political economy and (crumbling) global empire – makes this impeachment process stupid.

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I’d be interested in you sharing your current top five and top ten lists and why they are in the list where they are.

OMG! It’s raining Brennanites

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James Howard Kunstler reckons there is no whistleblower It’s all a put up Job now causing grief to Schiff and Co. What supports his conclusions is the headline here “raining Whistleblowers”
Do You Have a Lisance for that Minky?

So, where are all the people on the streets, protesting about Trump?