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Second Largest Physicians Group in US Has a Prescription: It's Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/20/second-largest-physicians-group-us-has-prescription-its-medicare-all


You can bet that the AMA will not endorse Medicare for All. They basically represent profit over patients.


Representing 159,000 doctors of internal medicine nationwide, the ACP is the largest medical specialty society and second-largest physician group in the country overall after the American Medical Association (AMA).

The ACP endorsement of MediCare is wonderful, but why isn’t the AMA also promoting it ? Profits before people!


Two sides of the same coin? One who CARES ABOUT HEALING AND PEOPLE and one who CARES ABOUT PROFITS AND EGOS.


…and Bernie will show them the way


As a family medical doctor practicing for 49 years now, I and many others in my profession soundly back the Medicare for All concept, universal health care one payer system. We did not go into primary care medicine for the profits, our cause is much more noble.
Bernie and us. 2020.


Thank you earthbound!

Bernie 2020


I never joined the AMA for many reasons, their ideology did not match mine.


But can we really trust these doctors?
It is much more important to me to have my health care decisions made by an accountant in a for-profit insurance company rather than the doctor who is treating me.

This is a welcome development.
Too bad the readers will see the endorsement for Warren in the same newspaper.
The readers could be fooled into thinking that she is also for real Medicare For All rather than the fake version she is promoting.
Bernie is the only real deal in town.


I well remember the angst that JFK’s medicare promises created in the medical community and how It was all generated by lies and misinformation from the right. Obama’s effort failed not because it was a bad effort but because the Democratic Party leadership would only support him against Clinton if he knuckled under to the insurance industry. It is truly heartening that today’s medical professionals are no longer buying that crap.
As for the AMA I seem to remember that they were the ones who were so set against Medicare until it was to be only for seniors. Then, since seniors are not generally producing much income, their loss was hardly a worry. How involved in for profit hospitals is the AMA and what does the connection between them and the insurance industry amount to? Inquiring minds want to know. Follow the money but also do not forget ambition.


well at long last. so good for BERNIE AND AOC and all the others who have been working for a long time to see this day. GO BERNIE!


Medicare-For-All is the best way forward to provide proper medical care for all Americans.

It is seen this way by those who value humanity as being deserving of equal healthcare for all Americans.

It is not seen this way by those that value profits over anything else including human lives.


This action will also “give a two handed boost” to the status quo’s funding to accelerate the war they have waged against single payer going back at least to the Truman Administration.

When LBJ signed Medicare into law in 1965 he reminded us that although Congress limited original Medicare to those 65 and older, his vision and the visions of FDR, Truman and JFK was Medicare for all Americans. During the signing ceremony LBJ also admonished Congress to expand Medicare in the future. Unfortunately the subsequent 55 years has seen only cuts to the program approved by the best Congress money can buy.


Once again, the workers (ACP) choose socialist policy while their corporate overlords (AMA) fight to maintain the failing status quo.


HA! Good on you for not joining!
I worked IT in a Hospital in Eugene OR in teh 70’s thru early 80’s. The head of ER there was a Dr. Tom (cant think of his last name we just called him Doctor Tom). Big guy with a pony tail done to his waist. Brilliant guy. During that time he never joined the AMA either. so Cudos to Sister Monica Heron head Administrtor) who had the guts to put a non-AMA Doc in charge of the largest ER department between Portland and San Francisco.


Thank you Gov Newsom doubled down on the ACA–my healthcare premium just doubled—I get a catastrophic healthcare plan–a plan I can’t use unless I have a major medical issue and then have to come up with the $6000. deductible------and the insurance company gets $600. a month (on the phone with the covered Calif rep they say I am getting $600. -and I have to point out NO the insurance company is getting the $600.) for insurance I can’t use.

They are basing healthcare payments by zip code and raising rates on people in poor areas. -----This is California??? controlled by democrats???


Wow. California is much better than Florida where I live. I have the same type plan, and for me and my wife it is $1600 per month. No vision, no dental. $6000 deductible and copays on everything.


Hi Shantiananda;
That is a great question—and the AMA needs to explain itself!

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Hi PonyBoy:
Yes for all people—becasue Medicare for all is really JUSTICE FOR ALL! : )


I am 68 years old and I still remember the 'Marcus Welby" days when a doctor visited your house. My kids look at me like I’m crazy when I mention it. Here’s Ray Charles and Joe Louis Walker’s take on it all.