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Second Presidential Debate Canceled After Trump's Battle With Covid-19 Spurs Fight Over Safety Protocols

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/09/second-presidential-debate-canceled-after-trumps-battle-covid-19-spurs-fight-over


It doesn’t really matter. The second “debate” was going to be another display of excrement hurling anyway. The goddamn orange primate was just going to stand there and fling diarrhea across the airwaves into the homes of decent Americans.


why are we not offered ideas from third or fourth political parties? Why ? The duopoly wants to keep the sheeple uninformed.


The following is the list of people who will be upset that the debate was cancelled:


As Roger Waters said during the Bellmarsh Tribunal, none of these atrocities would be possible without the propaganda-infotainment industry that hypnotizes and tranquilizes the people.


“It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet. That is the natural order of things today. That is the atomic and sub-atomic and galactic structure of things today.”



“… Trump’s battle with Covid-19 spurs …”

Wait! I thought he had bone spurs!


Nah, those cleared up the same way Joe’s asthma did. A passing draft blew both those infirmities away. When they talk about political match-ups, this one is almost an exact match.


Remind me again: what purpose do these dog and pony shows have?


You do not have to agree with what either Candidate says but this an example of the types of debates the USA used to have. Contrast that to that fiasco of a few weeks ago.

Listen to the questions. Listen to the answers. Note how there little to no cross talk. The candidates wait their turn and let the other speak. You can tell that each candidate wants to rebut what the other says, but they let the other candidate finish and then do so.



The same purpose all the political rituals, rhetoric, and pundits have: to give the appearance of “democracy”.


Well said indeed.

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They should just have the debates on schedule anyway, and if trump decides not to participate then it’s his loss. It’s not like he has anything good to offer anyway.


Yes. They used to be “civil” and inform the viewing public of where each candidate stands on a certain subject. Now, as has been said with Donald, it’s a “shitshow”.
Damn! People who really want to be informed before they vote have to look at so many different sources to determine how to vote.
Here in Ca. where I am, there is a proposition to “Exempt app-based transportation…from providing employee benefits to certain drivers.”
Which means - let the “gig economy” exist - and let the owners of these corporations screw the hell out of their drivers and leave them with no medical or any other benefits at all while they rake in the profits of the workers. Just “gig” workers trying to make a living.
I say bullshit to that! I hope the workers can form a union and demand better conditions and benefits from these corporations. Yes, they the corps, have threatened to pull out of the state if the law passes, but what idiot would refuse to serve such a lucrative market? Again, bullshit. Those of you in Ca., vote for the benefit of the workers.


The reason is simple and that is because the Commission for Presidential Debates, which is composed of former Democrats and Republicans, is not going to allow any third party candidates [such as a Ralph Nader in 2000] and independents to challenge the corporate two party system. And when this occurs one has to immediately realize that this country is a democracy in name only.


The president doesn’t think a virtual presidential debate is important or in his interest, but does a 90 minute discussion with Rush Limbaugh. His right wing convicted felon buddy.


I thought Rush was gonna croak from cancer. Is he still active?

I strongly suspect Trump’s abysmal behavior, semi-coherent rants, river of silly lies, and incorrigible behavior, coupled with the drop in his support after wards was the deciding factor in his refusal to act the fool again in a debate,.


Another case where Trump gets his wish… HE knows he would suck in this format and does just enough to make it seem that the decision to cancel was not his. bullšⱨȋṱ


Debates??? Center stage is Trump, the critical issues that we face are secondary since it would require real change in the way America operates. Waste precious media time with inane question from some anonymous eight year old. Keep America ignorant and hope for the best. Future is bleak!


“We’re all outa BUBBLEGUM” distractions, enable cathartic release, so his inbred knuckle dragging crank addicts don’t just drive around in huge diesel trucks, shooting folks with a fighting chance at a three digit IQ, “essential” workers, who can’t afford to infect every other obese nazi in our mosh-pit… I’m guessing, this time, he’ll just SCREAM at the moon about Antifa, from his Mussolini balcony, while DNC simply replaces jagoff Joe with Jim Carrey (only us BernieBros™ would notice & speciously misconstrue as a gesture?) I’d personally prefer Trump’roid do Lord Humongous’ soliloquy spewing bloody pus death like a Tent show mass baptism?


~https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/trump-coronavirus-test-white-house-health-update-b903892.html (my comment, way back when?)

~https://readsludge.com/2020/10/09/blue-dog-affiliated-group-runs-ads-for-big-pharma/ (Brawndo, COVID Mutilator)