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Secrecy Over TPP Fuels Growing Skepticism in Washington


Secrecy Over TPP Fuels Growing Skepticism in Washington

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The back-room push for the corporate-friendly Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade pact is backfiring on its supporters, as more and more powers in Washington drop their interest in the deal over its extreme secrecy.


Obama promised to be transparent and, in fact, we can see right through him.


Anyone who believes that the Meatpuppets of the One Percent will not get this passed has not been paying any attention to American politics for at least twenty years. Our One Percent overlords, the men and women who really run America, will not allow it to fail.

And have no doubt: it is the utter sellout of the Democratic Party, the least-covered story of our time, that has made all of this possible.


This is authoritarian dictatorship by the fascist one percent, I find it unbelievable to even try this predatory capitalism tactic and hope the exposure of its contents is enough to embarrass anyone trying to pass it.


If a member of Congress was arrested for breaking secrecy on the TPP,
I would sent $100 to her or his defense fund.


The secrecy might be the factor to bring it down…but the fact that it has no environmental protections enumerated and that it would allow corporations to sue nations in a world tribunal if they impeded the plundering is a really big problem. And yes, Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon is a major player that switched sides in the past few years. In 2012 he was bemoaning the secrecy. in 2015 he is promoting the secrecy visa-vi his sponsorship of fast track. (the secrecy insurance bill)


Google “Obama’s China trade claim appears baseless” to read my deconstruction of Obama’s China lie.


The “utter sellout of the Democratic Party” started when the Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985 to make sure the Party would get at least as much corporate dough as the GOP.

TPP is their capstone project in a 30 year series of selling out the 99%.


Our bought and paid for career politicians will vote for anything their masters want! Why even bother?


I afraid that I must agree with you.