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Secret CIA Document Shows Plan to Test Drugs on Prisoners


Secret CIA Document Shows Plan to Test Drugs on Prisoners

Dror Ladin

Thanks to an ACLU victory in federal court, we know much more about how CIA doctors violated the medical oath to “do no harm.”


And beatings were no more than “deep tissue massage” …


For every one of these atrocities divulged to the public via FOIA there are 100 times more that are worse that remain secret. The CIA is one of the most corrupt and venal institutions in the history of humankind. I am leery of any person who claims to have “proudly served” in that Criminal institution.


I suppose that CIA really stands for Criminally Insane Assassins -----what happened to those psychologists that thought that water boarding and omg, “rectal feeding,” was an idea with promise?
Doesn’t torture make people just say anything to make the horror stop? Why do people keep taking about the horror of the Nazis when Japan was doing the same experiments and America and Israel are both torturing prisoners . Are all governments are Nazis now?
I think the public would like to see a public performance done by the CIA on the CIA to demonstrate these supposedly rational ideas to get answers. Perhaps the 2 psychologists would volunteer to demonstrate? And Guantanomo— another fail by last 3 American presidents-----all 3 of you. Give Cuba their land back, shut down the torture and let those prisoners go!


Everybody knows we have torturing murderers in full control of this bandit government.


I would say read this or shut the fuck up. Thanks for dragging this into the light again!


Dr Joseph Mengele must be smiling amid the fires of Hell, and the CIA is in reality no morally better than the Nazis; we are just in a different era.


The CIA ones to tell any body anything that they don’t want us to know.

Keep in mind however that they and other government agencies have done this in the past to prisoners and poor people alike, particularly in America’s south and in the native reservations.
All for our corporate overlords. Why hire focus groups to test new and potentially dangerous products when you can just try them out on America’s Morlocks?


Did you mean Amerca’s Eloi?


Indeed. The CIA itself hired many Nazis after World War Two to continue the anti-communist struggle against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Chief among them was General Reinhard Gehlen, whose entire organization, the “Gehlen Org,” was grafted onto American intelligence and later became the West German BND intelligence agency.

The US got the lion’s share of the German rocket scientists, engineers, and administrators through Project Paperclip, which sanitized their wartime records–they set the schedules by which slave laborers were worked to death building the V1 and V2 rockets–as they were brought into the US to jump-start NASA.

The Japanese chemical and biological warfare group Unit 731, which did heinous experiments during the war, was essentially pardoned by American officials after the war as their research was expropriated for use during the Cold War. The Soviets did prosecute Japanese chemical- and bio-war personnel, but this was predictably dismissed as communist propaganda.


I see our sailors on at least one ship with nuclear weapons were testing LSD on a regular basis. At least they were until the dealers were busted.


I wish Ladin had given more information as to place and time here, though I imagine that some things might be missing from his sources.

There is actually so much information about similar CIA and CIA-related activities over the past 70 or so years that it is very difficult to sort out what of this is and is not new information.

We ought to conclude that the CIA has been running invasive experiments on humans since at least the early 1950s, that it has seriously messed with supposedly civilian government since at least circa 1963, that it has been running drugs and in some cases apparently trafficking humans since at least the early 1960s (Operation Phoenix and the trade largely out of Burma).

It is great to see more documentation, great that Ladin writes it up and presents it, but let’s get some of the larger context related here. These guys have been doing this for the existence of the organization, or very nearly.


I guess even human experimentation is getting through legal loopholes now.