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Secret Devin Nunes Recording Gives Away the Plan: Confirm Kavanaugh First, Then Impeach Rod Rosenstein


Secret Devin Nunes Recording Gives Away the Plan: Confirm Kavanaugh First, Then Impeach Rod Rosenstein

Jon Queally, staff writer

After obtaining the secretly-recorded comments made at a private congressional fundraiser last week, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night aired the words of Rep.


McMorris Rodgers herself is a terrible horrible no-good very bad representative, who very well may lose her own seat in November.


It’s beyond sad that all Congress-critters are in it purely for themselves. $$$ rules. None of them care two figs for We the People of the United States.


Waiting to see whats gonna happen to mega crooks like him and the others. I’m sure I will be disppointed.


Nunes is a weasel, no doubt, but he is acting as a loyal servant to whom? Who are the “private donors” …what are their names and where do they live?


The last little nugget…if they can’t pull the right strings “all this goes away”. Is that not obstruction of justice? Watch the video again and see if you see what I see.


I watched it, and I heard the statement as “it all goes away”, meaning their plan that he just laid out, all goes away, not the problems for Trump. I could be wrong, but that’s how I perceived it.


Is their plan “obstruction”? Seems to me it is. I have contacted those in the know for answers but have yet to hear back. We’ll see…


Nunes says " if we do not keep the majority , all this goes away" I do believe he is talking to donors-----and I take it to mean all the things the donors want or are getting now. Now if we could have some reporting on who are the donors at this gathering-----and have they been benefiting from all their bribes???


I’m no lawyer, so not sure about obstruction, if not it certainly gives some incite as to how evil their plans are and how they’re all about party before country (most of us on this site already knew the last point).

Hope you’re doing OK health wise.


We’ll, the one thing is that should be noticed first is that he was at a fundraiser. Private or not, these statements were made to raise funds. Republicans fundraisers are interesting because there are two distinguishable types: a fund raiser for the poor supports, middle class and below; a fund raiser for the rich. The fund raiser for the poor consist of racism and lies. The fund raiser for the rich is truth and conspiratorial. I see why this is necessary and why it works. When a General speaks to privates, he/she will hype them up, mainly because they are the canon fodder that will have to die for the cause. The speech with the officers would consist of strategy and tactics. Both are for obvious reasons. So the poor racist will jump up and defend their idealogy and go to the courts because they killed some kid in a hoody. No matter what, all of the actions reside in the low end of their spectrum. Meanwhile all that bullshit is going on and being publicized, the officers take out the opposition with public relations firms, like Fox and Friends, which takes money to put words in a teleprompter to be read publicly. It’s kinda like “You hit 'emhigh, and I’ll hit 'em low”. I’m diggin it. Excellent work by the fascists in my country. Very well thought out and constructed. Not only is it succeeding, but cinching up some loose ends from the take over after 9/11. Now with gerrymandered districts that everyone keeps forgetting to fix, fascists will keep winning the right seat will be easily. A beautiful plan that will be indestructible for generations to come. I wonder how many people actually are anticipating some sort of change in this next election? If Trump is replaced, I wonder if it will be like how it was with Obama, superficial changes to make the sheeple chill out for a second. Guantonimo, War on Terror, mass serveilled, etc. has been the standard. And look at Trump, bitching about being taped, yet doing nothing to change the laws. Ahhh, the status quo…


Thanks for the note Recon. Health sucks really bad, almost as bad as nunes, which is really bad but not quite. I can still stand on my own 2 feet :-)))