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Secret Service Forces Press to Leave the White House as Police Use Pepper Spray and Batons to Beat Back Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/secret-service-forces-press-leave-white-house-police-use-pepper-spray-and-batons

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Maybe somebody’s discovered Melanoma’s horde of half-eaten USMC Capitol Guard victims? Apparently, we’re ALL fired, now. Trump’s declared war on us: unhinged left wing Antifa RADICAL pussy terrorists, “essential worker” thugs, jihadist shithole illegals, commie retards from Chi-NA? He’s finally realized, we’re ALL the PLAGUE right outside his gate!



~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/22/world/coronavirus-updates.html (University of Michigan canceling Trump Biden debate… DEBATE?)


Trump, trump, trump … hup, hup, right face. Fix bayonets, prepare to fire.

Supporting fascist governments around the world, well now I are one!


Yeah, it’s not unusual at all, historically, so to say.


If any statue needs to finally not just come down but completely destroyed it would be Andrew Jackson along with the WH painting of this monster, “Indian” hater and African slave owner and an “inspiration” to Trump.

A nation that builds fences to protect a statue of a racist while beating and injuring actual human beings is not worth defending.


Folks are really beginning to understand what Bannon, CON-way the Mercers, Kochs and their ilk have been protecting and spending their lucre to make sure does not get touched.
The pathetic revelation of TPTB dynamics of hoarding permeating the system constructs to replace engagement and learning also reveals the true strength of human beings respectfully focusing on what needs to be done to save the planet. The devious one, I mean Devos, being a case in point. Her task? Get 'em early and get 'em young. the brainwash queen: the newest version of “off with their heads”.


In 2020 we caught a whupping after dark
beat down by Führer Bone-spurs right in Lafayette Park
We took LRAD n’ tear gas and we caught lethal disease
And we took a bloody beating & crushed under cop knees.

They fired “our” guns n’ Antifa kep’ a-comin’
There wasn’t as many hombres as there was a while ago They fired once more and we begin to runnin’
Up Pennsylvania Ave, n’ deported to Mexico


In addition to his crimes against humanity, White Supremacist, Andrew Jackson, was the Father of the Democrat’s Party.

The Democrat‘s Party leadership continues to refuse to condemn their Party’s originator and they refuse to apologize for the Party’s role in crimes against humanity.

Several prominent progressives, are making no such demands on the Party while hurling venom at those of us who refuse to vote for Biden. It is another example of how progressives fail to see their role in perpetuating white supremacy.


IQ45 hides in the Crack House. The rotting empire burns! Since we’re a plague, let’s infect him, and his ilk, and send them to hell!


Same old song and dance. Gas em and beat em.

You would think they’d eventually wise up.

Watched a fascinating video the other day with Jane Elliott. I wonder why we keep the old style maps in school these days that perpetuate racism?

Also an interesting read today in Politico regarding corporations adding funds to police budgets, ,presumably not for our benefit since there is no oversight.

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You don’t need an election to terminate this pResident’s reign of terror.


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So if you’re not an establishment Dim, not a tRump Dump, and not a progressive, how would you characterize yourself?

It’s time for the Secret Service to be abolished. Maybe then a President would have to learn to do the bidding of the people if they weren’t protected from the people. And why the hell do they all get protection for life after they leave office. What is that about? The Secret Service protecting a wannabe dictator is so wrong. They should be arresting him and protecting the people and country instead.


That statue of Jackson is toast. How the hell are they gonna protect it 24/7 from howling hordes of us?

We’ve discovered a rich vulnerability of the Ancien Régime: its disgusting decorations. Post a freaking army of deeply embarrassed guards in front of that statuary growth to Pestilency’s role-model – it only leaves two dozen other statues awaiting our generous contributions.

I’ve been a sculptor, in one of my current-life incarnations. Some of these works carry on a heritage of sculptural communication, truly going back to before the written word, to prehistory. I don’t care about the subject matter, many of these works are precious because of their superb workmanship. That’s why they all need to come down, out of the realm of unmitigated public hagiography, where they do not belong, and cannot possibly be preserved anymore.

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I’ve been wondering lately how the scenario will unfold if after Trump loses the election he decides not to leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. With SS protection for life, will they battle with US Marshals, or whoever is charged with removing Trump in Jan. 2021? And if he’s convicted in NY for past crimes after his removal, will SS agents be required to serve jail time with him, to protect him? Interesting times ahead for sure.


Hi Ron,

I consider myself progressive. I typed my comment on my phone - always a bad idea due to incorrect auto-corrects. The comment should have read that “some progressives” fail to see their role in perpetuating white supremacy.

There have been host hostile attacks that folk of color have faced from some progressives who say that progressives are not racist because progressivism is, by definition, anti-racist. I disagree. We exist in a society permeated by white supremacy, toxic masculinity, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc. All of us, in this society, have to be vigilant to make sure we don’t perpetuate these negative social pathologies . My point is that, even among the progressive community, we still have a long way to go.


It is both comforting and a little horrifying to know that our armed forces are more loyal to the constitution than our commander in chief.

The POS - POTUS is flailing and failing and loosing it. We need to keep poking him and trolling him. I predict that Trump will come undone and the Rep party ticket for Nov. will be Pence/Haley.

Hi. Steve,

Thank you for that clarification. I think you are right on the mark there. I know that as a progressive I have certain bigotries relating to the regions where tRump has his largest support. I always paint with a wide brush about their intelligence levels. And that is absolutely prejudice. It’s why I find myself often in solitary at Facebook Penitentiary :stuck_out_tongue:

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