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Secret Stingray Manuals Reveal How Spying Tools Leave 'No Place to Hide'


Secret Stingray Manuals Reveal How Spying Tools Leave 'No Place to Hide'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The technology manufacturing company Harris Corporation has fought to keep the public from knowing about how its surveillance devices work—specifically, the controversial cell phone spying tools known as Stingrays—but The Intercept on Monday published about 200 pages of Harris Corp. instruction manuals detailing how to build and use them.


If you aren't using a land line phone at home this article would seems to provide a strong reason to get one. Really, why in the world would you use a cell phone at home after reading this.


Harris says that releasing the information "could help criminals."
No, the criminals, Harris Corp. el al, are the ones who invented these devices and hide that fact from the public.


There is no longer any doubt about it the US is a police state. Check out this article about local police departments collecting DNA without probable cause or a warrant. http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/in_some_cities_police_go_from_stop-and-frisk_to_stop-and-spit_20160912/



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This is happening in other countries, too. It is an international phenomenon now.


How long before the Harris Corporation is being spied upon by their own evil devices?


A lot more than spying can be done remotely. Think spike voltage, locate user, overheat, microwave output, noxious sound. Part of the world's generous sharing of technology, is everywhere.


Land lines also are subject to electronic jimmy-rigging.


Certainly it could. It sounds beyond fun -- literally. It's easy to imagine a movie scenario where a kid just does this and learns too much and takes one of innumerable paths to crazy in so doing. Know what I mean? Or, you know, a credit card hacker. A thief. A blackmailer. An enemy. An enemy's hired hand. This could get so lucrative and common people will start hiring protection, and their protection will be doing the same thing. So then it's going to boil down to who has the strongest protection, as the various racketeers battle it out in gang land.

Of course, none of that will happen if what people are actually doing is eating radioactive rat carcasses and trading expired antibiotics on the black market...