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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Enabled the Coup in Honduras


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Enabled the Coup in Honduras

Robert Naiman

On June 28, 2009, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, democratically elected Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by a military coup. The United Nations, the European Union, and the Organization of American States condemned the coup, and on July 5, Honduras was suspended from the OAS.

Under longstanding and clear-cut U.S. law, all U.S. aid to Honduras except democracy assistance, including all military aid, should have been immediately suspended following the coup.


Oh how soon we forget. The US did not actually plan and initiate the coup in Honduras, but once it started, Hillary had her boy Lanny Davis down there to facilitate the handing over the reigns of government to the coup leaders. The President Zelaya, a landowner and part of the single digit white European part of the population, was looking to give greater rights and control of land to the rest of the population and was voted president as the movement began. He began a process of undo the country as a narco state.

Zelaya was lucky to get out with his pajamas and without a bullet in his head, being flown to Costa Rica by the US military (as I remember it). I wonder If he had to eventually pay the fare. Hillary and the US played the key international role and practically only role in legitimizing the returning of Honduras to the status of a narco state.


Surprise! Surprise! I would of thought that we had a hand in it?


What’s worse is the carnage wrought in Honduras to those who were active in the movement to make Honduras a legitimate democracy. So many thousands dead as a result of the coup. Each life on Clinton’s blood stained claws.
The US could have stopped the coup in the first place. They didn’t, because in all likelihood, they were the primary instigators of it.


Hillary is a veritable Pandora’s Box of corruption-it just keeps on spewing its bile.


I’m terribly embarrassed that I’m asking this question, but I’ll do it. First, to be clear, I can’t stand Hillary and wouldn’t support her under any circumstances. I know only superficially about the clintons’ nefarious involvements in Latin America. That said, why was she determined to return Honduras to a narco state, to get and keep Zelaya “moot”? Thanks for the help. History ain’t my long suit…


Others correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Zalaya either was or was perceived to be moving under the influence of leftist governments in Latin America such as Venezuela. Of course, the US can’t stand for that, regardless of how much damage US policy does to the Honduran people.

Clinton supported the coup and so did Obama. Clinton sold out the Honduran people and Obama continues to do so with his deportation.


Staying with Latin America, but slightly different topic, is Jose Diaz-Ballart, the MSNBC host, of Cuban decent? In last night’s townhall, he asked Bernie about his socialism, disparagingly comparing it to Venezuela and Cuba. The premise of his question was 'how awful Venezuela and Cuba are, so how can you (Bernie) promote the same type of government.

I for one resent and reject Diaz-Ballart’s premise. Venezuela and Cuba ain’t perfect, but I support most anything that counters US hegemony in the region as well as many of their attempts to raise the standards of their people. While Cuba remains a poor country, the health and literacy of the Cuban people are excellent. Chavistas have been working on behalf of the poor and working class for the past decade and one-half. And Chavez managed to avoid another US-backed coup attempt in 2002.


I believe Zelaya was a pretty unique individual (elite background, but shifted to side with the people; although we’ve certainly seen this phenom before), but the primary influence he was the product of was the down-home Honduran grassroots labor, women’s, and civil rights struggles that were gaining broader popularity and increasing militancy as Zelaya rode this awakening to presidential victory. In other words, sure, he was framed as another possible Chavez, but actually, like Chavez in Venezuela, Zelaya was advanced because the Honduran people’s democratic awakening reached the power to put a Zelaya in office.


Not just working on behalf of the poor, but Chavez’ party eliminated a large portion of the impoverished in Venezuela by improving their living conditions. And that’s at the same time that the world system careens into ever more extreme polarizations of wealth and impoverishment. That is quite an achievement, and it was done very deliberately through the work of masses of mobilized Venezuelans.


“eliminated” meaning they moved from being poor to being working class and no longer destitute


That explains Colombia, and to a lesser extent, Mexico, but I don’t know about Honduras. With the US government, there is only one consistent thread that ties all of these interventions together over time and across geography: they do not and will not tolerate a popular government from the Left. Anywhere.
Even in the mideast, the states getting the worst pounding were all Baathist and fairly generous social spenders: Iraq, Syria, and Libya. They were impervious to the global financial class. In Latin/South America, it’s Venezuela first, with a sharp eye hovering over Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. Honduras was leaving the fold under Zelaya, so that was an easy call. Haiti under Aristide. The list is lengthy.

Perkins generally had it right: we intervene in States where the financial class has goals and needs muscle.


Thanks for the additional info.


Sorry if the truth casts your girl in a bad light.


Let me be clear: Hillary has never been “one of my own” anything. I regret being misled into voting for Bill twice, and will never, ever make that mistake again. My choice is between Bernie and going back to the Green Party, and I WILL join the “Stop Hillary” campaign if she lies her way to the nomination.


Looks like Obama is at it again. Type into Youtube: On Watch Live: The Latest on Huma Abedin, George Soros in Guatemala, & Corruption in the DOJ