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Secretive and Seedy: How Aid Donors are Opening the Agribusiness Flood Gates


Secretive and Seedy: How Aid Donors are Opening the Agribusiness Flood Gates

Ian Fitzpatrick

A secretive conference, co-organised by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), one of the world’s largest donors, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) takes place in London today, 23 March 2015.


“The corporate model over-produces food that poisons us, destroys soil fertility, is responsible for the deforestation of rural areas, the contamination of water and the acidification of oceans and killing of fisheries. Essential natural resources have been commodified, and rising production costs are driving us off the land. Farmers’ seeds are being stolen and sold back to us at exorbitant prices, bred as varieties that depend on costly, contaminating agrochemicals.”

Thank you, Mr. Fitzpatrick. The above (along with other key insights that you’ve raised) can’t be stated often enough.

Bill Gates wants to own and control the world. His machine model = a full-scale rape of Gaia/Earth Mother/Pacha Mama.

The man is a danger to all things living.


We really need to change the conversation. Make it more scientific. If we don’t we face a very destructive attack by the wealthy on the poor. The least expensive way to begin the scientific exploration of this issue is to do exhaustive study of soil and water quality of regions of the world where corporate farming is the norm. Including in that study the soil fertility (minerals macro and trace, bacteria etc.) ground water quality (testing for all forms of chemical leaching into ground water), as well as surface water, rivers etc. and health, well being and happiness of the people of the region. At the same time study small farms and villages that grow and process food in the traditional manner. Evaluate and report.

The funding should be provided by the Gates foundation etal via a tax. The scientists should be recruited from universities around the world having few or no ties to corprate agriculture or petro chemical corporations. These scientist should be free to design the methods they will use to determine the criteria mention earlier. Their work needs to be free from harassment and open to public scrutiny. Yes this would be time consuming. It deserves nothing less.

I know that it has been done in various ways and by various organization including the UN. And the answer is always that small traditional farm and villages out preform corporate farming by a large margin. Then we need to hold Gates et al feet to the fire. Again scientifically, in an open and public forum. Totally free of corporate sponsorship.

We really need to make this turn on science. Protests by all of us are good, but with militarization of the police protest can lead to mass incarceration or worse. Few of us are as prepared as the Bolivians (2000 Cochabamba protests) to throw off corporate privatization of resources (in that case water).

You write about The neoliberal agenda. One wonders why Africa and why now? Could one of the reasons be Climate Change. What exactly are the long term effects of climate change on Africa? Is it uniquely qualified to survive or thrive through the climate change we are now going through? Something is cooking in Africa and it isn’t just about who owns the seed. Destroying the tribal fabric of Africa and gaining corporate ownership of the land is already going full steam ahead.

Now we need to know the real game plan for Africa so we can do our best to support Africans to keep what is genetically and historically theirs. We need science to do this in a thoughtful peaceful and informed way.


I think I read that the Gates fundation funded the big seeds reposery in some northern country (andtaht Monsanto is somewhat associated to it). So, when all the available seeds will be poisoned, who will have fresh seeds ?