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'Secretive Dictatorship' Exposed as Wikileaks Publishes Massive Trove of Saudi Cables


'Secretive Dictatorship' Exposed as Wikileaks Publishes Massive Trove of Saudi Cables

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

WikiLeaks on Friday began publishing more than half a million top-secret documents from Saudi Arabia's Foreign Ministry, including communications from Saudi embassies across the globe, information from other state institutions, and correspondence with foreign entities.


Saudi Arabia is a close ally of the United States of America and also one of the so called friends of Syria. Details will obviously expose some interesting facts.


Saudis are not free to spend the petro dollars as they see fit, not at all, they have to buy weapons that they don’t need and put all the cash back into wall street firms and banks for safe keeping.


A ‘Secretive Dictatorship’ in Saudi Arabia is nothing ---- we don’t need no stinkin’ little ‘secret dictatorship’.

We got the only damn Secret EMPIRE of Global Crony-Capitalism right here in River City USA.

“We’re #1 in Global Empire”


Saudi Arabia is no friend of Assad.

“Diplomatic ties between these two countries of the Middle East have long been strained by the major events in the region. Relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria deteriorated further following the Syrian Civil War and Saudi Arabia’s numerous calls for Bashar al-Assad to be removed from power. Saudi Arabia cut off relations with Syria after they decided to close its embassy in Damascus and expel the Syrian ambassador in 2012.” Wikipedia


Here’s hoping the Saudis don’t flatten the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and Assange stays safe.


Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland??


There are so many secrets, and so much subterfuge concerning US and western policy in the region. So much corruption in the Saudi government. This is just what I’ve been waiting for! (I hope Google translate works on these.) Better get your translation staff working overtime - I cannot wait to read them in English!
Rock on, Wikileaks!


If I’m not mistaken,

Michael More of Farenheight 911, is hosting wikileeks. The gov trashed it, so he resurrected it? If memory serves.


I haven’t seen that.

How’s things in your corner of the world?


Hanging in there. Power outages due to extended drought since our clean hydroelectric is our primary power source, but it just started raining, so maybe that’s behind us now that the SW Monsoon rains just showed up. Sitting here disabled with Gout, so I’m rather grouchy at the present.

You Oregon guys hot and dry also? Here’s the Michael Moore thing:

Michael Moore posts bail, offers Wikileaks server hosting

And here’s a little present to the climate deniers we should throw in their faces at every opportunity:
Hottest year ever since records kept


Yes it is new. We have never been privy, to the paid saudi assassinations that wikileaks just published. You military guys always dish wikileaks and say those exact words from your talking points: “This is nothing new”. That’s what Bill O’Bully said on Faux News: “Wikileaks leaks are nothing new…”

It IS new. Just like the wikileaks collateral murder video was brand new.


Just saw a report yesterday that salmon are washing up dead in the rivers here because the water’s too warm for them.

Man, these natural climate cycles are a bitch. We’re gonna need more nuke plants just to run the air conditioners. :wink:

Speaking of which, I wonder how many of the coastal nuke plants are going to be impacted by the rising sea level.

Hope the gout clears up asap.