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Section 215 Expires—For Now


Section 215 Expires—For Now

Nadia Kayyali, Mark Jaycox

Section 215 has expired. At least for now.

The law that the NSA used to authorize its collection of vast amounts of information about the telephone calls of ordinary Americans is no more. Even though it’s likely temporary, it’s a good thing and we should pause to celebrate a little. The calls and emails Congress received from people across the country and across the political spectrum changed the debate.


The entire, so-called “Patriot Act” needs to expire. The Orwellian-ly named Department of Homeland Security needs to be broken up, and much of it discarded, and ALL 17 “intelligence” agencies abolished, or brought down by a massive dump of everything about them to the internet. It is WAY past time for the United States to quit being the bully on the block, an Empire, and join the family of regular nations. Our so-called leaders are so out of touch with the realities of the universe that it up to the rest of us to do this.