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Securing 'Real Change' for Voting Rights, NBA Players Strike Wins Use of Stadiums for Polling Stations, Other Reforms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/securing-real-change-voting-rights-nba-players-strike-wins-use-stadiums-polling


Good news from organized action! Excellent to the NBA players who used their power and strategy to bring a positive result for voters in November! Beyond thankful for this well thought out tactic to help us unite to kick the old “ball” out of the court and in the wastebasket.


How about that?

NBA players doing more for the people of this nation, than the presidential impersonator in the White House.

I really do not understand why a couple million of us can’t go do there, to Washington DC, and just remove the fucker from the People’s House.


Trump is probably drafting policy papers to DISALLOW voting at sports venues. Sounds outlandish. Well?

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Because his palace guard would have us all killed.
Maybe a couple of million camped out for some time. Have to get the rest of the country warmed up to the idea of anarchy.

And wouldn’t it be nice if the NFL would open up the stadiums to first a day of registration and later as a voting station.
Still need more poll watchers to volunteer.

This is a great retort to Trump’s and the GOP’s actions to suppress the vote. The opening of the stadiums as polling stations is brilliant and will help with the inner city voting which has been targeted by the enemies of democracy. But most of America is rural and not near a stadium, so more actions like this need to happen to pressure the fascists into making more, not less, voting stations available. This demonstrates that money machines like the NBA have power by threatening the pocketbooks of the owners, who you know are Trump supporters.

Excellent! It’s time to upgrade our communication regarding our human needs from protesting in the streets to creative outsmarting actions such as this one demonstrated here. It’s the kind of genius that promotes full lives for all. (Unlike evil (‘live’ spelled backwards) geniuses like our fake president and his ilk. Let this be an example of what can be accomplished in a life- affirming USA.

Good to see that so many of these players were paying at least some attention to their civics classes back when they were in college.   I presume that more people watch NBA, NFL & MLB games than idiot shows like ‘The Apprentice’ – probably by a factor of ten or twelve – so maybe there is hope for Duh’Murika yet!

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CORRUPT ass holes will most likely bomb these places , have to put people in their place.No revolution, no change!


I know many here at Common Dreams are fearful of what the future may bring, but I am sorrowful to think that you really believe what you expressed here.

His game is to make you believe “that” would be what would happen if it was attempted.

So that “fear” would then prevent you or anyone from even thinking about it.

Please don’t hold that fear.

Let it be.

Nonsense, PB.   Tweetle-Dumb is narcissistic to the point of being not just a sociopath but a psychopath, and he will throw a tantrum and start World War Three if allowed to after he loses on November Third.  IMHO, the ten weeks be­tween the election and the inauguration will be the most dangerous time America has ever faced.  He will do his best
to take us all down with him if he can’t have his way . . .

I love you Unc, but it appears you too have succumbed to the fear factor.

Let’s agree to disagree.

And y’know what? There AREN’T really a lot more blacks being murdered by Cops as there were two years back. It’s just that every at-risk community is now FILLED with ready video cameras, duh; which makes it risky to take risks. I don’t know directly, but I bet it’s hard to find a gathering of whomever, without a camera or two ready to roll.

And of course those cameras migrate to hands and eyes, as soon as the PoPo show up (no wonder the Cops are so reactionary; they are only a billy club or knee away from their own private arrangements with destiny)…

But that camera migration is a very good thing, a wonderful thing, a succulent moment for the culture(s). We’ve done transparency FOR the Cops! They’ll ALWAYS be caught out, so long as a camera rolls.

Rather than ignore the potential problem, or be paralyzed by fear, we need to take the middle road and DO SOME­THING.   IMHO, supporting your local post office is extremely important, along with registering to vote by mail, and returning your ballot as early as possible – either through the mail or, even better, to a drop box at your local polling center or County election office.