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Securing the Iran Deal Is Crucial (And What Comes Next


Securing the Iran Deal Is Crucial (And What Comes Next

Phyllis Bennis

To protect the Iran deal from being undermined by the US Congress, getting to 34 supporters in the Senate was crucial. Once that was achieved (and indeed surpassed – now at 37) this past week, the goal shifted to reaching 41. With that number, a filibuster would prevent the “disapprove the deal” resolution from passing, there would be no need for an Obama veto, no need for a Senate vote to uphold the veto, and Congress would be unable to stop the trajectory of diplomacy instead of war.


Here's to hoping and 41 votes. Quite a wish list from this great American, but she certainly gets an A+ for persistence over decades and fighting the good fight, figuratively speaking, of course. If 2 weeks is a lifetime in American politics what is 2 years in international politics? Can American foreign policy differences ever end " at the waters edge " in the U.S., anymore? Probably not is what I'm guessing. We're about to find out and soon enough, too.


It is a well known and commonly recognized fact that Iran is only interested in using nuclear technology for peacefull purposes. Yet the underlying nature of the agreement is to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb with provisions in the agreement for Iran to demonstrate its commitment not "violate" any clauses of the agreement. Since it has not been possible for western nations to prove that Iran is building a bomb, this agreement will now provide ample opportunities to claim violation of any of the multiple clauses of the agreement to destroy the nation to the same level as Syria, Iraq, Lybia and Yemen. This will work out perfect as pubic opinion has already been ripened to accept the posibility of Iran violating the clauses of the agreement. Public support for an attack on Iran will easily be obtained as even the Obama adminstration has time and again repeated the mantra that Iran is the state sponsor of terrorism and a rogue nation. Sorry to be so negative but I feel, both Israel and Saudi aim is to see Iran destroyed just like they have done to other nations in the middle east. I hope I am wrong.


How could a nuclear-armed Iran ever be a threat to a nation of such vast continental extent and with so many nuclear weapons that it could render Iran a mile deep smoking crater within 20 minutes?

After all nuclear weapons have kept the peace in Europe for 70 years, haven't they??????? Haven't they??????

This agreement shows simply that there are on occasion still some people of sanity involved in USAian foreign policy and that therefore there just may be some hope for the rest of us.


I'm not sure what Bernie Sanders' "position" on this. "deal" is, or whether anyone's "position" on anything gives any reliable indication of what they really do when real push came a-shoving.

Sanders, despite his correct stances on a number of important issues, is hardly the firebrand champion of liberal progressivism that the country needs.

For entertainment value, a Trump-Sanders presidential race would be a herd of gift horses in the mouths of the nation's comedians I could enjoy watching from where I"m ensconced, half a world away from the scene of the thought crimes. But as a chance to put important civilizational survival issues, not much. Better perhaps than a Clinton-Bush runoff, or Biden versus Rubio.

But it's looking more that humankind will have to wait to take up issues like global warmongering and economic collapse till after the expensive electoral side show.


Civilizational survival issues are going to be discussed in Paris soon. Bernie will be there, possibly, why don't you go there and ask him. Just don't shove him because he's over 70 and it would look like you were trying to undercut him or hurt him. You'd never do anything like that when so much is at stake, would you?


What you describe is likely how the JCPOA will be undercut if it survives Congress. Sen. Cardin has proposed legislation that is aiming to do just that by making "improvements" to the JCPOA, His bill includes such things as making sure Israel has Massive Ordinance Penetration munitions (massive bunker buster missiles), the means to deploy them, as well as provide for the training necessary to use them. On top of that other enhancements and upgrades are included to improve Israel's conventional forces. New sanctions are part of the legislation. All of this is feared to show Iran's hardline opposition that the US can not be trusted and negotiated in bad faith, scuttling the deal in the Iranian legislative process. The shame of it all is that what the world will see IS the US acting in bad faith. The arrogance of the GOP opponents has them blinded to what this divisive behavior is doing to the US reputation in the world, already deeply tarnished by torture and unnecessary war.


I agree. This agreement with Iran has nothing to do with Iran making a nuclear bomb, that is nothing but an Amerikan Empire red herring. The Amerikan Empire is a war empire, a fascist empire ( some 800 overt or more military bases in most countries around the world, and who knows how many more covert military bases that we do not know about ) that exists to protect the vested interests of the fascist empire, not to protect the average American from the latest bogeyman.

"Washington does not accept law, neither domestic or international as a constraint on its actions. Washington is the " EXCEPTIONAL INDISPENSABLE" . No one else counts. No law, no Constitution, and no humane consideration has authority to constrain Washington's will. In its claims Washington surpasses that of he Third Reich ".

Paul Craig Roberts.