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Security Experts Back Up Jill Stein's Demand for Manual Recount


Security Experts Back Up Jill Stein's Demand for Manual Recount

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Security experts on Monday testified in support of Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein, who is spearheading a by-hand election recount initiative in Wisconsin.


Go Jill. She seems to be the only one really interested in an honest vote count. I'm not surprised but definitely happy she is doing this recount. If they find problems in these three states all states should have to recount. It's democracy plain and simple.


Time to separate the wheat from the chaff: either all votes are counted and their intent determined fairly by their peers or end this charade. Voting is the opium sellers gift to the masses, so to speak.


One more time. Singling out States that went for Trump does NOT address the issue of fraud or hacking. In fact it will mean even less integrity in the system.

In order to establish fraud or wrong doing a number of States that went either way must be investigated. If 4 States That went Trump to be revisited in such a manner with a manual count then Trump should be allowed to submit a list of 4 States where he believed fraud occurred.

There ARE security experts that claim fraud happened on the behalf of the Clinton Campaign as well.

Anything less then this will throw this recount process into doubt as well.


Let's go for it, please. Kansas, Mississippi, Kentucky and Missouri sound like a good place to start.
Alabama, oh what fun that counting session would be.


Isn't this the reason that people wanted the paper ballots in the first place? Count the hard copies. I don't think the election was hacked but if they are going to recount then count what is on the paper. Otherwise there will always be suspicions that something was not on the up and up.


Honestly, the nation should have a re-vote and only using paper ballots under the watchful eyes of UN peace Keepers.


Shouldn't Clinton pay for this too? She must have a few million left over.


simple and true. by isolating only swing states that denied Clinton the presidency, this looks like hack work. Greens are fighting pretty intensely over this decision.
I'd support it if it were genuinely multipartisan investigation. But as it stands, I can't.


OK. Next!


I interpret "foreign" in this context to mean interference outside of the legitimate vote. Not "foreign" as in another nation.


"A manual count would be the only way to ensure that there had been no foreign interference, the experts said." The fraud is more likely to be absence of many votes by those "purging" lists rather than actual counting. Maybe they will find the "thousands" of extra votes Trump claims!!


Now that Stein has raised 7 million, Wisconsin will retabulate its costs and demand another 2 million. So insane!


Hello bodeswell,

I noted that specific as well: " A manual count would be the only way to ensure that there had been no foreign interference, the experts said."

One might hope that "experts" prefer the truth as much as the voters who trust the means of vote counting, regardless of who or what may be interfering. Of course this quote may have included qualifiers, and if Nadia Prupis would provide us a link we could read/hear what was stated. My search of the exact statement I quoted (sans "the experts said.") brought me back to the article we are commenting upon.

Perhaps the person quoted is simply referring to the concern that Russia's Putin and his government's agents were thought to have interfered with the 2016 presidential election.

However, it seems that it doesn't take a government backed/funded group of trained hackers to switch votes in the United States.

Be warned by me - this video is unsettling in that it might/should give you grave doubts about how our votes are allocated.


She knows better.


Jill is grabbing her 15 minutes of fame and who really is funding this. The Green party or Just donors who are trying to steal an election for Hillary. Jill is following the steps of the Clintons.... somehow Jill is not worried about the close races Hillary won.....what a sham.


Your comment is nothing more than a distraction.


Do a recount using the very machines that produced the potentially fraudulent result - are they serious? Of course there has to be a hand count.

Recall, the recount of Florida conducted by the NY Times showed the Gore actually won. Got to be a manual count.


She actually paid for it. Stein got about a mill for her campaign, now suddenly she gets $6 mill in a few days. All coming in at a steady pace of about $100k per hour, in the middle of the night. whoever wrote that bot should have accounted for time of day better.


If anybody cheated, it was the DNC. Republicans were not so enamored of Trump to cheat as much as usual. The only recount I want to see is for Bernie.