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See How We Live


See How We Live

Kathy Kelly

Here in Kabul, I'm generally an early riser at the home of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, but I'm seldom alone. Facing exams, my young friends awaken early and then stay up late to study. Before sunrise this morning, eighteen year old Ghulamai sits in the kitchen, poring over his textbook. His efforts have made him number one in his class for the past three school terms. Now in the eleventh grade, he greatly hopes to continue his education, but his situation is precarious.


Thank you Kathy Kelly, peace worker and advocate for human discourse and justice, not might makes right foreign policies like ours in the Middle East. Weary of war, I cannot imagine what the truly weary victims of our wars face every day. Kathy Kelly tells us in gentle but stark outline. This work deserves our support. Afghan Peace Volunteers., yes.


Kathy Kelly: " what has the war accomplished?"

The only thing I can come up with, is the war in Afghanistan being the longest war in U.S. history has been exceptionally profitable for the war profiteers; the MIC; and the drug traffickers.

And what a travesty! That this angel of peace is passed over for the Noble Peace Prize for warmongers like Obama and Kissinger!