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'See You In Court': ACLU Vows Legal Action as Georgia GOP Passes 'Unconstitutional' 6-Week Abortion Ban

'See You In Court': ACLU Vows Legal Action as Georgia GOP Passes 'Unconstitutional' 6-Week Abortion Ban

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After Georgia's GOP-controlled legislature on Friday passed a six-week abortion ban, the ACLU had a simple message for Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, who is expected to sign the bill into law: "we will see you in court."

What year is this? Am I in a time warp? A way-back machine? What is it with these repub’s thinking women don’t have brains and cannot think for themselves about their own bodies? Maybe the demo’s should author a bill about men and vasectomies, do ya think so? And why do they even try to pass bills they know are unconstitutional? Sorry, I just despise stupid.


Thoughtful comments Ditton. What year is this? It’s the year we find out how screwed up the republicans are going leave this country by the time they are drummed out.

When the guilty party starts to go after the innocent as in the clash between Adam Schiff and Nunes and the rest of the sorry bunch that dared to put Schiff on the hot seat, we can see this isn’t going to be pretty from here on out.
Support Schiff or don’t complain about how the republicans will try to let Trump skate.

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Going to the courts is at best a short term strategy as Trump, with McConnell’s help, is stacking the courts with right-wing judges that despise rights for women and reproductive freedom.
Those who care about such thing have to understand the time to have stopped it was in November 2016 but too many progressives foolishly threw their votes away. Now it may be too late.

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Yup. The Nazis have completely overtaken the Republican party which as you say are turning the courts into Nazis sympathizers.

I don’t like being a buzz-kill, but this may get bloody if the Duopoly, isn’t given some competition in the form of more political parties for the People to chose from, as opposed to the Democrats and Republicans who continue to just divide the nation.

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Thanks…I hate stupid. On my site I call for the support of Schriff because this is about country not party and as he says, “it isn’t okay”. This does not pass the smell test. I sent Rep. Schriff an email in support, he needs to know we are behind him and the work he does.

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The two party system is virtually immovable without a revolution. Then new, and perhaps more numerous parties can be established afterward.

Sadly, there is still a need for voting for the lesser of two evils until a superstar arrives and is part of an alternative party. Jill is wonderful, but not of superstar status, yet.

Yes! From now on even viagra will be illegal! Let’s how about comdoms- anyone hear of overpopulation? Good post Ditton- contact planned parenthood and the ACLU- and share your concerns.

Jill also needs to stick to being a doctor- something she is good at, and advocate for better and more affordable health care.

Too many progressives were so angry at Hillary, they voted for Dump. Now, they reap what they have sowed.

As an old man I rather like the idea of free viagra. Condoms should be free by the hand full at every high school and college across the land. A while back there was reporting of women coming together and saying you come after our vaginas and we’ll come after your testicles, great idea.

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Viagra is not illegal, and we do not hear of people going after men’s bodies.

That’s not what I said, reread my comment. I looked for the report and haven’t found it yet, it was in the south, something about a new abortion bill going through a states Congress.

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Yes, in Mississippi and Georgia. ACLU has a law suit against them.

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Great idea :-)))

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