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'See You In Court': Ethics Watchdog Calls Chinese Financing of Trump Resort Project Major Violation


'See You In Court': Ethics Watchdog Calls Chinese Financing of Trump Resort Project Major Violation

Julia Conley, staff writer

The government watchdog group that has previously sued President Donald Trump over alleged ethics violations sharpened its focus this week on a billion-dollar development project involving the Trump Organization that is being partially financed by the Chinese government—calling it a clear violation of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause.


The most long-lasting damage this precedent will have on our pseudo-democracy is that it is normalizing corruption at an absolutely staggering level, that would not have been previously tolerated (or even attempted) by Rethugs or Dims. By not acting on this, we have moved the bar so low that all future presidents (and politicians in general) will be able to commit mind-blowingly egregious acts of corruption and emoulements violations and get no more than a collective yawn from the average American, and not even that from Congress or the courts. Very, very dangerous territory we are heading into.


They have to feed at the trough fastnow,they can see it slipping away in nov. stay tuned,


They don’t call it public administration for nothing. For a second there I thought this might be an effort to provide affordable housing and possibly basic necessities for the thousands of homeless people in this country.

Trump must be soliciting another gold toilet award.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, They have shell corporations for everything and Trump is the payoff guy. They recently found a shell corporation with a million dollar contribution to the Federalist Society that influences Federal Judges. And, another $750,000 from a corporation that only did one thing, has no staff, no website, and no office.

Then there is this:


What is most disturbing about this article is not the fact that Trump is a crook. That’s pretty much established. Rather, it is the photo of the press briefing. More precisely, it is the shot
of the “news crawl” from Fox at the bottom, indicative of the daily propaganda that saturates
the minds of untold millions of Americans who watch and believe whatever is said on Fox News!

More “blame the victims” bullshit!


Just another day in trumpville. With Congress and the Courts not doing anything America is lost. It was just an experiment. It failed. Too bad, so sad.


Done in by Kochs and their kind, with the enthusiastic assistance of “Christians”.


So weak, so lame, so irrelevant, to keep talking about the Clintons.
Trump and his gang are career grifters who are using the presidency as a cash machine worldwide.
The Clintons are corrupt neoliberal elites, but their corruption pales in comparison to earth-destroyer, grifter, bankruptcy, reality show fraud Donald Trump.
Anyone who defends Trump is a fool.


fern –

Koch Bros, as well – again …

From your link –

But in late December, after the complaints were filed, the Washington Post revealed that Illinois millionaire Richard J. Stephenson reportedly provided the $12 million that was laundered through Rose’s companies, along with a request that at least some of the money support far-right Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh in Illinois (who lost).

Richard J. StephensonStephenson, a former investment banker and founder of the for-profit Cancer Treatment Centers of America, has a seat on the FreedomWorks board. He was an early supporter of David Koch’s Citizens for a Sound Economy, the right-wing advocacy group founded by David Koch that in 2004 split into FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity.

But Stephenson’s involvement did not end there.

The Post described how Armey had staged a short-lived coup in the final weeks of the election, entering the FreedomWorks offices with an armed aide and firing five top employees. Stephenson intervened, offering Armey an $8 million payout in exchange for resigning from his post and remaining silent until after the election about his concerns regarding Kibbe’s ethics. FreedomWorks was actively involved in the 2012 elections, both through its Super PAC and other aspects of its operations.


Not that this is going to sway many against Trump. People are in awe of Billionaires. They may think that voting for one will make them rich too, if only in their dreams.


The writer was not defending Trump; the point is that politicians in the capitalist form of government use representative democracy for crowd control because they can buy the representatives, presidents and etc. The system is corrupt by design. Any fools involved are the ones who have faith in corrupt US politics.


I didn’t say previous presidents have not committed acts of corruption. Say “Nixon” and it is synonymous, for example. However, Trump has taken corruption to an entirely new level. Refusing to divest of his business enterprises and blatantly profiting from the Presidency in such blatant ways as Trump is unheard of. Past presidents at least had the common decency to try to be circumspect about their shenanigans. Trump is just a huge middle finger to the Constitution.

To compare the Clintons and Gore’s little shenanigans with the in-your-face “fuck you’s” of Trump is like comparing the invasion of Grenada with Vietnam.



My friend, we are NOT heading into. We have been here for sometime now. Just look at the number of retiring Congresspeople who are immediately becoming lobbyists after leaving their government positions. We have to put an end to lobbying altogether. And that would just be a starting point in ending the corruption of this current and future administrations. Next step will be overturning the “citizen’s united” corruption given us by the SCOTUS. And, then…


Noah Bookbinder is on msnbc tonight discussing this very issue. Hope you watch it. I don’t have t.v…


It was only a matter of time before trumpster over reached and landed in court. He has stretched the rules to their limit and now has committed a prosecutable offense. What are we to do about the toxic waste he has installed in the bureaus and regulatory agencies to kill them off?


I am given to believe that this new transparency is due to several cooperating situations. The first is that Trumpster is used to getting things his way and the obstanency of the left is weak due to their lack of a published platform. A second issue is that they believe that they have won and corporate will run the nation in corporate’s best interests. With both parties filling their coffers on Wall Street, Main Street is outta luck. Trumpster’s lies are starting to get attention too but with the mainstream media ignoring the social attacks of this admin. the message is lost to many.


We are kinda stuck with much of our government and it will be a heavy lift to get campaign finance reform of any useful meaning but it Must Be Done and Done Soon.


The Brits believe the BBC too.


If it looks and acts like a casino mob boss
directing drunkenness, gambling and abject prostitution,
it’s Trump a casino mob boss part time golf ball chaser,
not above misanthropic hit man collusion-conspiring traitor.
Trump and his entourage cannot be trusted. Take it from a vet.