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'See You In Court': Ethics Watchdog Calls Chinese Financing of Trump Resort Project Major Violation


Amen. And, let’s not forget, a huge portion of Clinton’s corruption was conspiracy garbage from rightwing nonsense purveyors with a huge assist from cool kid journalists. I mean, the New York Times contracted with Steve Banon’s Clinton Cash outfit to run poorly sourced, innuendo-filled “stories” about the Clinton Foundation in 2016. Isn’t that corruption in itself? Did they do the same to any other candidate?


Yes. Campaign finance reform is very important. Every idea for turning the US away from barbaric mayhem is a good one.


You’ve got to change the Supreme Court. You also have to get different justices on the lower courts. The only way to do that is to first, make sure all Trump’s nominees get slow walked by a Democratic majority Senate in 2019 and 2) win the presidency in 2020. Absent that, it’s a constitutional amendment. Otherwise, it’s all a dream and things are just going to get worse.


What nobody is pushing is the bald fact that Trumpster promised exactly what their base wanted to hear, Clinton did not. That she was trying to sell herself without the lies and Trumpster had no similar compunction has been largely ignored. What the Democrats had better do in the next month is to develop a stance closer to the Trump promises and explain how these efforts will be accomplished if they are given the chance. THEN, they had damn well Get It Done! The days of selling us pie and delivering Pilot Bread are long gone. There can be no more “next time we will get it right”. Stand and Deliver should be the mantra of every Democratic candidate. Of course if the DNC insists on the continued attack on the actual Democrats who want to improve the lot of the working classes and the downtrodden then we will surely see the effects of runaway capitalism.


Ruh-roh, it’s “a big violation.”
Congressional Republicans will now, at last, fulfill their oaths to the Constitution. :joy::rofl:


We could at least consider also putting an end to the corporation itself.


Exactly. They think that deep wealth is juuust around the corner, as long as they keep voting for seditionists and traitors.


Who is Trump kidding, president of the United States? He is a sociopath con artist after as much money as possible to win election and then he is profiteering by being president. He will soon be leading us into an Iran war and he will be earning military industrial complex corporation bribe money due to the huge corporate profits. Trump is more loyal to his Chinese financial supporters than to average middle of the road Americans. Yup! The Trump brand name for men’s clothing under a Chinese company name. What’s next? He is prostituting the White House to foreign governments, and he desperately needs a public smack down.


Nothing will change, Trump will server 2 terms. It sucks to think about, but that’s the trend…


No! The authors of our Constitution did not conceive of elected representatives that would be so corrupt as to take special interest money (sell legislation) and therefore did not write penalties for doing so into the document. Until the voters respond to this phenomenon by voting for candidates that vow to not take special interest money and to completely rewrite election law we will continue to have governance problems and politics as usual. A misguided response to politics as usual resulted in the fiasco we now have in the Executive Office. Our votes should be directed to a more specific subject where we could make a difference.


To apply the Emoluments Clause and get an impeachment would require a Congress willing to follow valid Constitutional Law. The present bunch is so bought off and corrupt there is little chance of them practising what is their legal obligation to those who put them in office. We need an electoral revolution.

The most important question this midterm has got to be “do you take special interest money?”. If we could make this a single issue election on the subject of election reform we could regain control of what is supposed to be our republic. Without true election reform our future will be nothing but politics as usual.

Our country’s governance is dysfunctional. The reason for the dysfunction and the cure are staring us directly in the face. The problem is too much money in politics and the cure is to change Congress. Only we voters can affect the needed change and that is by getting rid of any congressmen or candidate that takes special interest money.

The fundamental problems we have as a community are not being addressed. We have a Congress that simply does not have our best interests at heart in their legislative actions. Our governing system is one of legislation for sale. Only 6 of the 535 members of Congress do not take special interest money. We have had at least four decades of congressional candidates seeking special interest money, for TV ads, and sellings their souls to get it. The end result is 529 legislators doing the bidding of the 1% and the corporate and financial industries, while ignoring the needs and wants of the American People.

In most western democracies the taking of special interest money (also called bribery) by those in or seeking office lands them in jail. Here our Congress, backed by a politicized Supreme Court, has not only made the practise legal but has opened control of our electoral system to essentially unlimited amounts of money. This allows those who exercise their political influence thru our elected officials to control governmental processes in perpetuity. Money buys votes!

As sick,frustrating and pervasive as the present rigged system is; it has an Achilles heel. That is our elected representatives must stand for reelection every 2 or 6 years. If we judged them on whether or not they take special interest money and favor a complete rewrite of election law we would have a Congress with a completely different set of values. This should be the overriding criterion for our votes in this year’s midterm election. It is a simple straight forward question: “do you take special interest money”?

Reelection rates for Congressional incumbents is historically in the 90+% range despite their approval ratings being below 60% and currently around 17%. We voters need to somehow get past this disconnect. Any Congressman or candidate that takes special interest money is simply not worthy of our votes. We need to act accordingly. We need a movement to: CHANGE CONGRESS.

Special interests have fractured our society. We cannot have a viable social contract unless we have a governance that functions for us rather than people that have more than they can possibly use and yet want more to the detriment of the vast majority.

Only the action of us voters will drain the swamp.


Federalist Society should be renamed to the Treasonous Society.


I agree. They are seriously unethical about where their money comes from and how they use it.