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Seeds of Corporate Power vs Farmers’ Rights


Seeds of Corporate Power vs Farmers’ Rights

Karen Hansen-Kuhn

The consolidation of corporate power in agriculture has been in the news a lot lately, first with the proposed ChemChina-Syngenta and Dow-DuPont mergers, and now with Bayer’s proposal to purchase seed giant Monsanto. National Farmers Union president Roger Johnson testified in Congress last week that the proposed mergers would enable just three corporations to control 80 percent of the U.S. seed supply (and 70 percent of the global pesticide market).


"The balance needs to tilt back the other way, starting with enforceable new policy to establish that the right to food, biodiversity, and farmers’ rights take precedence over agribusiness profits, whether in these treaties or in trade deals."

Reclaim the narrative - don't allow raw capitalism to further dominate and impoverish our lives.


Whether or not we progress to a point where borders become meaningless, the small family farm/large garden model must emerge again especially with global warming. For the time being, co-operatives can be created that meet food requirements in communities, along with other necessities, in a barter system or at greatly reduced costs. Farming is deep in our human roots, and the sooner we return to it, the better off humans will be.


Months ago there was an article about how soil could solve our climate problem or be a big part of it. Our worldwide soils are deleted, dead from over farming the same thing and chemicals. Sustainable farming and revitalizing our soils naturally could do it job again by absorbing more carbon.

Common Dreams reprint again or I wish I would of saved. Please