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Seeds of Fascism Sprout Anew in Trump's America


Seeds of Fascism Sprout Anew in Trump's America

HDS Greenway

Watching Donald Trump on TV whipping up his base of supporters at a rally in Harrisburg, Pa., I had a sudden feeling I had seen this all before. I remembered a speech I had seen on YouTube. It was a speech Mussolini had given in Milan in 1932. I watched it again, and it was all there. The chin thrust, the pouts, the hand gestures, the adoring base cheering every word.


I honestly thought it was Vladimir doctored into the photo in the middle, not Benito.

In the late nineties, I was asked to teach a critical thinking class to a graduating bunch of five white kids at a technical college in Indiana. Being aware of regressive the state was I tread very carefully. One day, in an informal discussion, the subject of bussing black students was brought up with much anger by one student, and soon every one of the five was espousing how absolutely awful the practice was, and there was no need to help black students or for them to interact with any black people.

I was helpless through most of the rest of the subject matter when trying to discuss duBois or Theroux.

The process is logarithmic and exponential, not additive.
We are just a few of steps away from a full blown internal conflict over class and race in our nation.


The scariest part (temporarily) is the wealthy elite that is instituting a Corporate Coup. It isn’t the boisterous crowds or the verbal bullying that support a fascist takeover ( voted in or otherwise), it is the power behind the throne that the billionaire elites represent. Their’s is not a from the gut but from the pocketbook power. They leave it to the expendable street thugs to instill fear if ever that is necessary but they seek to instill economic fear and to intimidate through imparting a sense of being overwhelmed by the amount of power they can bring to bear.

Leadership can change as can a political party’s fortunes with the voters but an immensely wealthy (economically powerful and politically influential) elite once it becomes entrenched does everything in its power to maintain their ruling elite status. That becomes scary especially when their power determines leadership!


I think the extremists that have taken over the republican party, and much of traditional conservatism, are on their way to establishing a fascist party controlled by the oligarchs. These factions, supported by the Koch Brothers, are pushing for, and are well on the way, to having enough states to call for a constitutional convention. With the power brokers running things now this could be a disaster ( we don’t need no stinking 1st or 4th amendments, etc.). For an interesting fictional take on how this could happen, check out Steve Jonas’s book, “The 15% Solution.”


“Oldest democracy in the world”? Join the club, America.

At least, you’ll won’t feel lonely, it’s a big club, eh.


Walter, I can see how what you are saying here could happen, but, I am going to say, with some certainty, the People of the United States will never allow it to happen here.

Never, will it stand, that the 1st and 4th amendments to the Constitution will be denied to the people. I’m not saying that there will not be attempts to do so, I am saying that there are enough of us who will never allow this government, or any other to deny us the rights that many who came before us died for.


More fake news and more egregious American exceptionalism of which the World has had more than its fill, thank you very much. Democracy was created in Greece several millennia ago. A number of politically correct US pundits state that the US is not a democracy, it is a republic. Regardless democracy was recreated in Europe at the end of the Middle Ages by the founding of the Mother of all Parliaments in London. It is from these roots that the so called American democracy grew. By no means was or is the US the world’s oldest democracy. That is a foolish myth foisted upon the rest of the world by American prideful boasters.


Hey! Trump never did – never will – is iunabnle to – give a speech like that. His limited span of attention – his intellignce – is so limited that one doubts if he could pour s*** out of a boot with the instructiions printed on the heel.


This is a fascinating anthropocentric discussion It provides a misleading view of what lies ahead for global societies because the demise of the services the infrastructure provides will hamper societies profoundly. .


Vasily, have you been in a cave for the last 20-30 years? The capitalist extremists took over BOTH parties a long time ago. Obomba escalated Boy Bush’s fascist policies, who escalated Clinton’s fascist policies, who escalated Daddy Bush’s policies, etc., etc., etc… Every time a “Peoples’ Movement” of any kind begins to bring the global capital extremists down, it’s met with death and destruction or torture and incarceration. Trump is just the latest regime in a long-range plan for America’s switch to Amerika. The official transition to fascism came with the bipartisan Patriot Act, which eliminated six of ten civil rights, including the right to privacy. (OK, we’ve never really had privacy, but at least the law was still on the official books.) The Military Commissions Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security are all acts of fascism. The NSA spies on every citizen, every day. EVERY CITIZEN, EVERY DAY! How is that act alone not the behavior of a totally fascist government?!


Am I missing something or were you unqualified to teach critical thinking… but anyways, being brainwashed is the preferred good American.


Although Japan may not have been as militaristic as in the period immediately prior and during WWII, they had a long history of almost fascist rule by the samurai class and this was basically, in my opinion, a feudalistic society. What they Samurai class wanted to do - they did. What they wanted to get - they got. Much the same can be said about the US. there is a long history of an elite class that has ruled (much in private) over the country. The American south was basically a feudalistic society and forced blacks and poor whites to do whatever they wanted. That was fascism. All of these countries have threads of fascism and feudalism running through their histories. Every country is filled with people that have fascist beliefs and many operate in their personal lives in that way - abusive to employees, spouses, etc, etc. When will we wake up?


Good post, the only thing I would add, is America is a militarized, Republic where the average citizen has absolutely no political power over the MIC.