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Seeds of Suicide


Seeds of Suicide

Vandana Shiva

May 22 has been declared International Biodiversity Day by the United Nations. It gives us an opportunity to become aware of the rich biodiversity that has been evolved by our farmers as co-creators with nature. It also provides an opportunity to acknowledge the threats to our biodiversity and our rights from IPR monopolies and monocultures.


I vote guilty and recommend the maximum sentence--death.


Ah, applause to Vandana Shiva! Now to follow her courageous actions in every country of the world where Monsanto has locked up the food!


Thank you, Vandana Shiva for presenting a comprehensive analysis on the sacred (and practical) value of Seed Stocks, and how Monsanto threatens this seminal resource.

And thank you for standing up to this War Crimes corporation. They are monstrous in so many ways.


Excellent article. The trend towards patenting of seeds and other life forms is taking the concept of private property to its logical and devastating conclusion. It is linked directly to the enclosure acts that occurred in the British Empire when the common folk were turned off the lands they had farmed and earned a living off of for centuries and forced to work for another in the coal mines and factories. It happened in Mexico with the onset of free trade where lands once set aside for the common people were "privatized" and the peoples turned off the same so those lands could be exploited by the Corporations. This formed a cheap low cost labor pool for those same Corporations be it in the factories in Northern Mexico or elsewhere.

The privatization of land, and forests, water and life itself in the form of seeds and plantlife is a direct attempt to disintegrate what remains of the Commons. It IS a war by the 1 percent and the well being of Capital against the 99 percent and the well being of Community and for that reason a war against Mother Nature herself.


Here's a useful graphic demonstrating the consolidation of the world's major seed companies. The graphic, compiled in 2009 is now, amazingly, out of date but still provides valuable insight. Worth noting,too, that in April Dow and DuPont announced their intended merger---a $130 billion deal.
Graphic link:

Dow/DuPont merger:


Of additional interest:



Of relevance to the article, and for your additional reading pleasure we submit:


Perhaps Dr Shiva's campaign in India is manifesting some impact:


Today Obama flew to Viet Nam to spend the week promoting TPP in several Asian nations, just as he spent a week in April promoting TTIP in Europe.

Once Obama's "trade deals" are ratified the seed patent industry will soar and global agriculture will be wholly owned by multinational corporations.


Barry is in Vietnam at the behest of at least one particular party:





He's especially promoting the selling of US war machines to Vietnam. Apparently this has some traction there.

One has to wonder about the sanity of Vietnam leadership - unless they have a devilishly devious plan to lure the US in and then pull the rug out from under them.


Capitalism is hell-bent on destroying every facet of sustainability on the only place we have to call home, Planet Earth. Greed has eaten away all common sense and rationality. When profits and the bottom line replace foresight into the future we are doomed to becoming a dead planet. Without the understanding of biodiversity and how nature has sustained us for thousands of years we will become extinct exactly like the many life forms are that already are becoming extinct daily. We are destroying the water to drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, the basic necessities to sustain life. By destroying the God given ingredients available to all humanity for short term gain we are being subjected to the horror of facing communal unwarranted suicide. Interesting when you consider that the rich will perish as rapidly as the rest of the world.


This culture is at war with life.


I hope that the irony and tragedy of the POTUS going to Vietnam to shill Monsanto's products while the third generation of Vietnamese children is still being born with severe birth defects due to Monsanto's Agent Orange isn't lost on anyone.