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Seeing Economy as 'Rigged' for Rich, 65% Say Corporate Taxes Too Low, Not Too High


Seeing Economy as 'Rigged' for Rich, 65% Say Corporate Taxes Too Low, Not Too High

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump looks to pivot from his party's collapsing Obamacare repeal efforts to "tax reform" this week, an ABC News/Washington Post poll (pdf) released Tuesday found that most Americans strongly disapprove of the White House's desire to drastically slash the corporate tax rate: 65 percent of Americans believe that corporations pay too little in taxes, not too much,


It’s not just the Korporations who are paying too little, it’s the Fat Cats who own them.  (Due to numerous loop­holes, many korporations pay no taxes at all – or even receive huge ‘tax rebates’!)  Since korporations are now “people”, why aren’t they at least paying FICA taxes and the Alternative Minimum Tax??

Return to Eisenhower-Era PRO$PERITY  —  Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATE$!!

Since the majority of RePooplicans would probably oppose the above – even though Eisenhower was at least nominally one of them, let’s compromise by making them an offer they can’t refuse:

Return to Reagan-Era PRO$PERITY  —  Return to Reagan-Era TAX RATE$!!

That would at least be a big step in the right direction.


Polls generally show that what the majority wants has nothing to do with which policies are passed into law (see also health care, military spending and immigration, inter alia). We have, on paper, a representative form of government, but whom does it actually represent?

Since the SCOTUS decisions re Citizens United and Hobby Lobby, regardless of what the Constitution may say, our system can fairly be described as “one dollar/one vote,” and neither Brand R nor D seem anxious to change it.


The highest personal income tax bracket on income say above $250,000 or more should be at least 50%. We’d be amazed how much better the federal books would look and government would operate.

And let’s bring corporate profits home and tax them here.


Exactly. But the greater problem is that a critical mass of the population is afraid/apathetic/ignorant and does not act in its own interests. Until/unless we organize that, we’re all screwed…BIGTIME. And it’s not like we have much time as a species to do that.


Good points, but “we” can do any of what you propose until we organize enough power to do so and willfully ACT to use that power in our interests. Aint no one gonna save the US but US, the “99%.”


Sixty-five years ago, both corporate profits and corporate taxes equaled about 6% of the economy. Now, corporate profits represent 8.5% of the economy, corporate taxes only 1.9%. Big corporations don’t need a tax cut—what they need is to start paying their fair share of taxes again.


Corporations are evil entities with no morals because they are run by those kind of people. Most corporations in America pay no tax. 25 of the SP 500 pay their CEO more than they pay Uncle Sam and another 25 pay nothing. That is 10 percent of the richest of the rich who take and give nothing back. This has been done by systematic lobbying and underground use of think tanks and fake grass roots organizations like the Tea Baggers. Billionaires gather annually to plot their moves in Indian Wells. Their greed has no limits. The only way to stop them is to tax corporations on their gross, with dedicated taxes for defense, funding for the VA, Medicare for all, Social Security and funding for local and state governments. Further their silly carried interest and capitol gains as well as other schemes most of us have never heard of to hide their income need to go and individuals who make above 250000 a year can pay a graduated rate that ends at 91% just like FDR planned.


You make a strong argument for dropping the parties of the Duopoly from any form of serious political organizations.

Those of us who have already come to that realization, support you in your statement.


Can’t argue with that.


The tax onus has passed, in the 50 years or so, from the wealthy and large corporations to the lower and middle classes in a regressive system that benefits those very ones. The neoliberal economic model has destroyed a once vibrant country of well paid manufacturing jobs and public run institutions such as schools, public transportation, prisons, healthcare, which only the poor had, various government agencies to numerous to name, all in the name of privatization and profit for those at the top. They use phrases such as ‘choice’. ‘diversity’, and various others to disguise what’s really going on, especially those without the tome or energy to dig into such things and ‘trust’ elected leaders to have their best interests at stake. Well the deception has been going on for years now and we’re left with a growing lower class of once vibrant small towns and cities left to decay when the manufacturers were allowed to leave the communities that depended on them ans set up sweat shops overseas where the cheaper labor insured greater profits. To save the nation will require a new form of leadership that actually does follow what “we the people” wants and deserve.


First you have to eliminate the existing loopholes that allow corporations to avoid paying taxes. Reduce the corporate tax rate to be competitive with the rest of the world but collect it all. What is the point of reducing or increasing a tax rate that is escaped via loopholes anyway?


No surprise Trump a New York mafia product, casino ripoff evil money grubber. Only respect for those of his ilk. So fake, so easily seen right through.


"Capitalism: Nothing so mean could be right. Greed is the ugliest of the capital sins."
Edward Abbey


If Democrats want to win then make elections a class war; poor & working class against the rich, the have nots against the haves. Make it about what capitalism should be doing with its excess; giving it to the rich or spreading it out to the many. This simple message will attract people across races and genders. “They have too much and WE have too little” is a better message than the Deader Deal. Those who have too much are Reptilians anyway. Raise taxes on corporations and the rich while zero tax on companies under 15 employees. If small business is the “backbone of Amerikkka” like politicians spout then why are they taxed at a higher rate than big corporations? Dig up Teddy Roosevelt’s old trust busting speeches, polish them up a bit and let them loose upon Verison, American Airlines, Exxon, Google, Facebook and all the other monopolies. People hate them anyway so big monopolies will make good foils. Let all people raise their left fist against the rich.


It’s not that the corporate tax rate is too high or too low, it’s that too many of them don’t pay any taxes at all.


Gee, another issue where the majority of Americans say one thing, and their “representatives” in government do the exact opposite. Same with Medicare For All, Social Security, education, yada yada yada yada yada.

Odd…it almost seems as if we don’t live in a representative government…it almost seems as if we live in an Oligarchy, where the desires of the richest are fulfilled by the government, and the desires of the majority of its citizens are ignored…but that can’t possibly be…


Yes, of course the US has become increasingly oligarchic - the power of a rich minority influencing political outcomes opposite what a 2/3 majority want.

  1. Now…with polls showing about 30/30 Democrat/Republican and 40 percent independent - also pretty evenly split, with independent meaning more left wing or more right wing than either party - that means…about 50% Democrats and left leaning independents consistently thinking corporate taxes too low - and 15 percent of the right thinking taxes too low (with that 15% getting us to 65% thinking corporate taxes unfairly low).

So the prob’ becomes not just that rich are winning against views of 2/3 of country, but that 15% of the right supports politics the opposite of their views. Which brings us to the prob of priorities - the right can wave the red flag of ‘lazy minorities!’ in the face of some people - especially the small business class - and they will vote Republican or worse, despite thinking corporations pay too little taxes.

  1. How to correct that ‘right wing prioritization’? I’d say focus on rich and corporations paying a fare share to “promote the general welfare” in discussions of healthcare - healthcare being a #1 priority for many low income people both liberal and right wing. In other words, gain support of low income right wing by focusing on single payer paid for with higher taxes on rich and corporations, in order to shift their priorities from a politics of anger at the poor to how single payer that taxes the rich can help them.