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Seeing Syrian Crisis Through Russian Eyes


Seeing Syrian Crisis Through Russian Eyes

Ray McGovern

“To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war,” as Sir Winston Churchill put it at a White House luncheon on June 1954. The aphorism applies in spades today as the U.S., Russia and other key countries involved in troubles in Syria decide whether to jaw or to war.

Russia’s recent military intervention in Syria could open up new possibilities for those working for a negotiated solution – or not. There does seem to be considerable overlap in U.S. and Russian interests and objectives.


The US policy of spreading dysfunction and state failure is now evident world wide. These neo-cons have no respect for their own government, they speak of drowning it in the bathtub. But it is only logical to expect they will defer that happy day until after they have used their supremacy in Washington to smash Russia and China.


How about also arab states' along with US' and turkey's, and syrian leadership MUST go?


I realize that Ray McGovern is trying to imagine how Russian analysts might interpret the conflicts within the USG, but I have never bought into the idea that the CIA played any role in JFK's assassination, nor that subsequent presidents ever had any reason to fear plots from within the security apparatus. The kind of people who are allowed to become president already share the values of that apparatus, however much they may occasionally disagree on tactics. There is, for example, zero evidence that Obama does not share the more bluntly spoken Dunford's view that Russia is an "existential threat" to the U.S. Even Bernie Sanders shares the standard view of opposing Russia and supporting Israel and Saudi ArabIa - even though none of his dreams are possible when military spending consumes so much of the federal budget.

This is not to say that there are not people within the security apparatus who are capable of any crime, even assassinating a president, but their disagreements with presidents are never so great that they would take that kind of enormous risk.


It seems that Slick Oily and his gang of "Boy Howdy's" aren't as smart as they think they are. This is a problem that I mentioned several months ago concerning the goings on in Ukraine. We seem to have people in areas outside of the White House conjuring up their own foreign policies and implementing it with or without the knowledge or consent of the president (The US Senate, the US State Department along with the interference of private think tanks and the corporate media). What exactly are John McCain and Lindsey Graham with or without the help of the CIA up to in Syria? Two or three years ago McCain was pictured being very buddy, buddy with a bunch al Qaeda types over in Lebanon. Then There is Victoria Nuland, her husband Robert Kagan and Amerikan ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt and the US State Department's involvement in the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Is it possible that some of Slick Oilys hand picked insiders and some Congressional and Think Tank outsiders along with the corporate media's help doing seditiously evil things behind Slick Oilys back? This could all lead to a very nasty, Northern European, Middle-eastern and Asian shooting war. You've got to wonder if the amerikan people are alert enough to even have a clue or to even care about what is going on in their own government!


You should read the Douglass book on the JFK matter and listen to Ole Dammegard. Oh, and try watching Oliver Stone's film again. JFK certainly was a problem for the fledgling Deep State/MIC and its wish to just carry out wars... apparently, your job is to create doubt and leave readers with a view that the CIA would never do such a thing... or need to. Sure.