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Seeing Yemen from Jeju Island


Seeing Yemen from Jeju Island

Kathy Kelly

Several days ago, I joined an unusual skype call originated by young South Korean founders of “The Hope School.” Located on Jeju Island, the school aims to build a supportive community between island residents and newly arrived Yemenis who seek asylum in South Korea.


“A divided Yemen would allow Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, their coalition partners, and the U.S. to exploit Yemen’s rich resources for their own benefit.”

How sad it is that the “typical” Americans remain intently ignorant of their country’s role in world affairs. The “accept the things we cannot change” mantra gives them cover to slather themselves with the likes of “reality” TV, mindless sports, and generally narcissistic pursuits. Willful ignorance is a sin against The Enlightenment. Jefferson’s acknowledgement that an educated citizenry was necessary to safeguard democracy was quite prescient. Ignorance is first and foremost how empire enslaves its “citizens” (read subjects). Pacification through diversion and distraction is very effective. It works for ewe every time.


Many, many people in the U.S. also believe this Kathy. War, what is good for?

You know you are living in a fascist, military dictatorship when a warmonger and war criminal like Obama, is given and selected for the Nobel Peace Prize over an angel for peace like Kathy Kelly!


Hi Shantiananda: I just read somewhere that on Obama’s last day as president, Jan. 19 2016, that he bombed another country. I can’t remember which country though. OMG that’s what he was doing on his last day in office, as we were left looking with lost HOPE and a pocketful of CHANGE : (


I have no use for the pistol,packin, mama, from Alaska, but she did get one thing right when she said about Obama: " HOW IS THAT HOPEY,CHANGEY, THING WORKIN OUT FOR YA’.


How is it that Kathy Kelly did not mention what happened on Jeju Island during the Korean War and before, especially in 1949. I simply don’t get it.

When there are meaningful parallels, it is important to draw the parallels, especially since there are those who are unfamiliar with what happened. And there is also the construction from the headline almost demanding it of anyone who has heard about it. It’s something like writing about nuclear weapons somewhere, in a story written from Hiroshima but, somehow, not containing a hint that Hiroshima was subjected to such weapons by the US. Ah a historical approach is not what is needed here.