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Seeking Allies in Revolution, Sanders Backs Progressive Women for Congress


Seeking Allies in Revolution, Sanders Backs Progressive Women for Congress

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Bernie Sanders is asking his committed donor base—which has propelled him to fundraising records month after month—to also support three progressive U.S. House candidates in the 2016 election.

The news comes, Politico notes, "just weeks after he faced friendly fire for not committing to fundraise for down-ballot Democrats."


The question that should be asked is, why hasn't Hillary and the DNC endorsed these women?
Everyday it becomes more apparent that the Democratic Party is utterly corrupt.


Bernie opened the door and change walked in. When people say Bernie won't be able to do much with a Repub congress the progressive forces of America will change that oligarch serving congress to one the represents the voters instead. New faces in old seats, new judges, new department heads etc. Bernie isn't promising change ... He is change and so are others. Change comes to America!

Democracy fights back against oligarchy. Are you getting the sense of why we are going to win this yet? People are why. Just people not billionaire money or influence or rigged game corruption... just people.


i've spoken with Jayapal. She is indeed a stalwart leader on key issues of justice and accountability, and an excellent candidate who deserves support.


Thanks for letting us know, Bernie. I just donated to their campaigns. I noticed that Emily's List did not support one of them. We need more progressives in Congress.


They weren't in blackface, but DeBlasio and Clinton's racist "humor" should blow up in their faces.


As soon as it was obvious that Emily's List, once a trailblazer, is not part of HRC's "establishment," I started deleting their emails. Sad. All three of these women have distinguishing characteristics/records. So Sad. Emily's List is also "same old, same old."


Sorry. I misspoke. Think most of you reading know that it was more or less a typo;


One of the best progressive allies for Bernie is NY's Zephyr Teachout! When Zephyr fought Andy "DINO" Cuomo in the last Dem primary for governor, her support was unexpected and massive - Cuomo's MO was his usual dirty politics and vindictive nature. Cuomo's support for the DINO Hillary is expected - birds of a feather!
Zephyr is now running for Congress here in NY's 19th district, she is a solid and brilliant person, and great ally for Bernie!


Most inside-the-beltway organizations are basically front groups for one party or the other. They justify their existence on issue work or party building, but they are never about fixing the problem. That after all would put them out of business, stop their Directors' lucrative paychecks and put them on the outs with DC society.


You might want to closely re-read your first sentence, and see how it conflicts with the rest of the post.


Because the democratic party hacks, are so corrupt that even though Bernie in every poll I have seen, would trounce Trump, they will back Clinton at all costs even if it means losing to Trump.

Why? Because they know they will get no quid pro quo if Bernie wins POTUS.


Not sure I would call an Indian a "person of color". In fact I never much liked the expression "person of color" - and the way it sweepingly implies automatic discrimination and underclass status if a person as much as gets tan in summer. Tell all the wealthy right-wing-Hindu brain surgeons and engineers and business managers in the suburbs of my town that they are "person's of color".


Being from Seattle, I really like Pramila Jayapal. She's a true progressive. She's very accessible. I'm doing what I can to support her. I look forward to seeing her official platform. I believe she'll be another true progressive taking her place along with other true progressives in Congress such as Barbara Lee.


I commented on this when HuffPo broke the story but that Lucy Flores story about being snubbed by Emily's List the moment she endorsed Bernie Sanders is telling. Go against the grain and endorse the 'socialist' over our beloved Queen Hillary, see if we don't endorse someone else who will bow down to the pro-establishment aura that is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Worth noting: Hillary, Obama, Biden, and yes even Emily's list, has endorsed Tammy Duckworth here in IL. Between Flores and the Human Rights Campaign picking Mark Kirk - who admittedly is not bad with social issues compared to most of the GOP - over Duckworth if that isn't an out-and-out snub I don't know what is.


Emily's list is no progressive organization. It's merely a vehicle to elevate affluent women--usually of the corporate variety--to positions of power apparently for the sake of doing so. I think of them more as a money laundering scheme for ambitious corporatistas than anything else.

Not surprised they pulled an endorsement from a Sanders supporter. They're generally supportive of the neoliberal project.


A solid reminder by our Champion Bernie Sanders not to rest on our Laurels, there are plenty of other good candidates, many who might not even know it yet, who need everyone's support. There is a whole world of politicians who need to be cleaned up and corruption in politics, no matter which country, affects every other country, a corrupt infection that spreads unless it is stamped out.
People politics is not just of one country but people all over the globe working together to make the entirety of human society better, supporting good politicians where ever they are, sharing and discussing problems. Never forget how multinational corporations colluded against all of us, the world over, time to turn the tables on them and bring them to heel all over the world. Every election, everywhere counts. Federal (President, Senate, Congress), State and Local and even the rest of the world, at least as far as the people are concerned, governments should of course mind their own business.


Duckworth's pretty hawkish; to the right of Sanders at least.


All your posts are editable...FYI


Hope the spambots on CD don't think of this post as such. I can help get local and state progressive/leftist candidates on the web for free. Check out my sample candidate site at www.samplesite.voteleft.us. I can be contacted through that site using the contact form. Spread the word. Thanks.