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Seeking 'Biggest Incident of Voter Nullification' in US History, 18 Republican AGs Back Texas Effort to Overturn Biden Win

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/10/seeking-biggest-incident-voter-nullification-us-history-18-republican-ags-back-texas


as I have long pointed out --the Republican party is a criminal organization POSING as a political party


Unless the SCOTUS decides to release its full inner Mussolini these ridiculous suits go no where. All the republicans are doing here is blowing a very loud dog whistle to their base, reminding them that, while their spokesmodel Trump is on his way out the door, that they are still very much with them.
The GOP always, ALWAYS, panders to its base. It’s why, despite being a party of wealthy sociopaths and dangerously imbecilic slack jawed rubes, they maintain control over half the nation.


Didn’t SCROTUS already turn this down?

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That was a separate PA suit.


Any AG taking part in this suit should be found in contempt and disbarred. There needs to be a price to pay for this type of frivolous BS.


Trump asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday to argue the case if the Supreme Court hears it, and Cruz has agreed.

How can Cruz argue anything, he’s a neocon.


The people of those states simply have to wake up to the fact that evil has a death grip on them.


LOSERS on the Loose.

There is precedent for such a move:

Juan Guaido` was not on the ballot in Venezuela but
was declared President of Venezuela by US establishment
lead by some of the above morons.

Seems fair if the establishment can declare a President
that received no votes, they could declare Trump President.
Then steal the nation’s gold supply and national oil companies.


Yeah, and it sure looks psychotic.


Could not have come up with a better list of where the Cancer in our Democracy exists

How an Intelligent person can live under those Redneck conditions, in those Bigoted Lawless states is Unfathomable

I know the Land is Beautiful but I moved away

God I wish there was some way to take the Progressive coastal states and their 90% of the American Economy and let these ruthless 3rd world brainless dictatorships die

To Kill the Cancer you have to Cut it Out and remove its sustenance

As a Government we must not be funding states that are Antithetical to a Fair Functioning Democracy


The scary thing is voter suppression is Roberts raison d’etre. I hope you are correct, and this just goes away.


I so wish what you advocate could happen. These asshole states have been holding us back and dragging us down since before the Civil War.


Ted Cruz, Giuliani, Paxton and very single Attorney General and Republican lawyer who baselessly claims the election was stolen should be disbarred.


I’m having a really hard time imagining which base these antics appeal to – aspiring corporate lawyers? Our “scrotus,” as someone called it, is no great shakes, but it’s not often you hear an opinion as crisp & definitive as their Pennsylvania ruling. The whole opinion: “The motion blah-de-blah is denied. Period.” That’s a smack-down, which should be recognizable to orange minions familiar with WWF theatrics. What masked or unmasked WWF superherovillain persona is Orangeman aiming for here? WhiteSquatterMan – fattest, most immovable butt known to science!? Honestly: I don’t get it. I give up.

I don’t swallow the explanation that they do this to raise money, either. It’s pretty easy to manipulate those Internet fundraisers to make it look like you’re getting goo-gobs of support, in order to scrape some few remaining pennies from the demented.


Before the US tried to install Guaido most Venezuelans had never heard of him. By most Venezuelans I mean somewhere around 85% of Venezuelans. Can’t say most Americans have never heard of Trump.


Paxton is up to his ears in legal trouble and is surely just fishing for a pardon from Trump.


The fact that the SC is even thinking about this suit is a folly in itself, TX has no standing to argue about any other states election process, period. I’m wondering how this suit was allowed to be filed in the first place.

“Texas Sues Swing States To Overturn Election Results”
Ring of Fir Platform


New laws are needed to stop out of control presidents and their cronies. Good god just how far will they be allowed to go? Is there really nothing in place to put an immediate stop to this nonsense? These creatures will stop at nothing as they aim to cause damage while wasting energy, time and money needed to repair this country.


Trade deals nullify all of our votes. 90% of the things discussed here at CD are off the table because of FTAs and we dont even know it. Websites that hide the ugly truth are part of a theft of democracy that goes back decades. It has been hidden by use of Trump as a distraction. For all we know he was/is getting paid to be a reality TV actor who takes all the blame for the things the oligarchy wants. This is shown by the failure of any of the corporate US media to act as media are supposed to act. Itsa pattern where the right wing media pretends to be left wing, there really is no left wing in the US, just fakes who deceive us into thinking they are progressives while suppressing the actual important news under dramaturgy…