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Seeking Economic Justice for All, Hawaii First State to Consider Basic Income


Seeking Economic Justice for All, Hawaii First State to Consider Basic Income

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Hawaii has become the first state to officially begin exploring the possibility of a universal basic income (UBI) after a bill requesting the creation of a "basic economic security working group" recently passed both houses of the state legislature.


You've got to love Hawaii. Living in paradise and now considering a living wage.


Freedom from exploration, is freedom from fear that many of us face everyday, the fear of losing your job. It would change the nature of a relationship that as existed for thousands of years, lord, serf, master, slave, employer, employee.
Working people could finally when faced with the threat, “ if you don’t like it there is the door”, could say without fear, “I AM TAKING THE DOOR”.
Could the impossible dream of true freedom be possible, given the nature of human nature to control others for their own benefit?


Good point. I was thinking of all the things that would likely go wrong, e.g.: another excuse for employers to underpay workers, a reason for legislators to ignore the need for a living wage. But yeah, most low-wage jobs come with that basic threat, that if you aren't willing to put up with the crap, it's easy to find someone else desperate enough.


Freedom from "exploitation"?


A lot of Republican assholes in HI:


This would fulfill the vision of Thomas Paine as outlined in Agrarian Justice ! As FDR said, "A necessitous man is NOT a free man !!!


I've never seen so many homeless people than we saw on some beaches in Hawaii. Worldwide homelessness is fast becoming problem #1. Republican's sledgehammer approach to every problem has seldom if ever solved anything, on the contrary. The Corbyns and Bernies of the world are rising up, challenging conservative stupidity and winning.

Surprisingly, a Universal Basic Income is one of the few issues both liberals and conservatives support.

Direct Democracy


Yes thank you,'exploitation' is the right word but I didn't notice it till I had already posted it, and it would not let me edit it.
It was simply a typo that when I read it, I missed before posting.


The blood drained from the bodies of previous generations, they died with the dirt of overwork under their finger nails. The wealthy capitalist laughed at them for their situation. They are still laughing today, only now, it is us they are laughing at.
The desperation of abject poverty in the richest country in the history of humanity is not a terrible accident, but the result of greed.


Right wing. Republican. Etc. etc. Getting to the real issue here: We the People are experiencing and witnessing the corporatization of what it means to be alive. Alive. You know, happy. Trusting. In tune with the cycles of our Solar System. Jah. Dance. Music. Love.

Talking to and smiling with each other - is what We the People do to feel alive. This existential reality to love, rather than to despise and to hate, has been high-jacked by very mean, very cruel, very bigoted individuals who have used their accumulated corporate wealth for only their benefit. Countryclubs and secret societies - no doubt fit their niches.

I, as a child growing-up with parents and family who signed-on to this, saw this as "normal". Today, I understand that I was being reared to learn that it was just best to get along with these well-off strangers of "strangeness" (antithetical to my core human instincts) - and their "magical thinking" (of secret handshakes and "black balls and red balls" used for signifying political power). Rather than going it alone, it was better to get along. But I broke free. Many others didn't, but tried to, I'm certain.The "they" that We the People need to watch and track closely, are the corporatists who are into an insane, "magical thinking", that turns "others" into the "they" people. Beliefs that are toxic and contrary to Love and seeing the "other" as but the "enemy" is very strange. Very scary. A built-in violence of thought - contrary to Love.


In LA they have been doing a lot to work on homelessness but last year the homeless population grew by 25%-LA Times.

We are trained from the time we are born to think of ourselves as slaves--we must realize we all are the owners. And the owners should get a return from those who make large profits using infrastructure and resources provided by the owners.

And what if homeless people were organized to help build new homes for themselves. People need to wake up-we are living in the dark ages-support the COMMONS.

There should not be homeless people in a country of this wealth-
People should not be dying for lack of healthcare.


I kind of figured you meant as much- This system doesn't allow A typo/word correction for long-
I just hate all the correctors of the world that go around and correct people but figure that you would understand-
Thanks for the reply!!!


Universal Basic Income. While FDR 2nd Bill of Rights did not include this, it included about everything else we should have.

For a more critical understanding of our Constitutional Peasantry, the Haves vs Have Nots, we turn to the Mighty Old, Very Good Book of the Search for the Holy Grail: