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Seeking Justice for Israeli 'Freedom Flotilla' Attack, Survivors Turn to US Court



We, or our "leaders" at least, have allied our nation with killers, racists, warmongers and warprofiteers, exploiters, usurers, and rapists of Mother Earth. From Israel & Egypt to the Saudi's, to all the multi-national corporate pirates/thieves, banker/Wall St swine, and rapists of the land and seas, our future is ruled and directed toward the worst of humankind by the power mad, insane and greed-driven. If we the people don't come together to throw-off this class of professional liars, killers and thieves, we are surely doomed to political and economic slavery into the future....or what's left of it at least.......


Ann Wright is my hero(ine).


Sounds like piracy on the High Seas to me............After all, the Spanish used to hang British pirates sponsored by Queen Elizabeth 1st.

And back in around 1973-74 a French Court condemned the French Navy for ramming the yacht "Vega" and assaulting and wounding its civilian crew members when in international waters off the French nuclear test-site at Mururoa.

Why are the Israelis exempt from such laws?


Because it was a clear provocation with a ship that contained known
terrorist, contraband, and weapons which would be used by Hamas
to attack Israel. Israel has nothing to be sorry about.

The left never stops verbally attacking Israel, while saying nothing
of the atrocities committed by Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO!

Israel is the bravest country in the world today, bar none.


It wasn't a humanitarian flotilla at all! That is a lie.
Note: Israel provides humanitarian aid to GAza.
IF the flotilla had nothing to hide, why didnt they
negotiate freedom of the seas deal?