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Seeking to Keep Control of Senate, NRA Betting Big on Gun-Loving Republicans


Seeking to Keep Control of Senate, NRA Betting Big on Gun-Loving Republicans

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With the U.S. Senate majority at stake, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is pumping record amounts of money into races across the country, according to Reuters on Friday.


"[T]hat gave rise to our ballot strategy because while the NRA could have politicians in their pockets, they couldn't really have the people in their pockets.": I suspect that most people, after the many mass killings and police murders of unarmed African-Americans, are not overly persuaded that gun control--why not ban guns across the board, period?--should not become a reality. "Americans" really need to consider exactly what they mean by liberty. The emphasis on personal liberty as opposed to societal responsibility will continue to mean that the USA will never be a society but only a collection of unhinged and uncaring automatons, small, petty, selfish units incapable of solving problems that affect us all such as the real and occurring environmental crisis and the nuclear threat.


Just 3% of U.S. adults own 50% of the nations guns according to a Harvard-Northeastern survey of gun owners.
This 3% owns, on average, 17 guns each.
The study found that 22% of US adults actually own guns.
There are 265 million guns in the US.

Why are we allowing just 22% of our citizens, and the NRA, control our gun policy?


I am with Sanders on this issue. no gun control. But not for the profit scheming of the NRA but for the reason it was added to the constitution.

Just before Allende was tossed the Chilean government took everyone's guns away and then the fascists took over and killed 35, 000 people.

The USA is becoming a more fascist country every year and while Obama embraces policies of murder by drone by presidential order , militarized police etc... they also embrace gun control. To protect citizens - I think not.

"Few citizens owned, or were entitled to own firearms in Germany in the 1930s. The Weimar Republic had strict gun control laws. When the Third Reich gained power, some aspects of gun regulation were loosened, such as allowing ownership for Nazi party members and the military The laws were tightened in other ways. Nazi laws disarmed "unreliable" persons, especially Jews, but relaxed restrictions for "ordinary" German citizens. The policies were later expanded to include the confiscation of arms in occupied countries"

Sanders speaks to hunters but it is terribly naïve (is that his spoken reason only?) to believe the government will take care of us in a good way. especially in this modern militarized surveillance state.

The one truth is government is corrupt and whatever its narrative - its probably a lie or a misdirection.

The storm troopers must consider their orders and the consequences if the public is heavily armed.

No argument here there are horrible repercussions of an armed populace - but an armed militarized police force also poses problems and questions.

I am on the left and used to be for gun control but in the last 15 years I have reconsidered.


The Liberal Gun Club seems to have the right idea:


Liberals and Progressives are barking up the wrong tree with gun prohibition. It is not a conservative vs liberal issue. Washington, Jefferson, and most of our forefathers recognized as much. We will continue to butt our heads against the proverbial wall until we leave the NRA alone. It has drifted to the right as peace loving liberals attack it thinking that disarming and disempowering themselves will automatically result in peace. We need to recognize what Chairman Mao said:

"Power comes from the barrel of a gun".

Conservatives are cowards with guns that only react against the weak and powerless. Peace between libs and cons can't happen without economic equality, which can't happen without equal firepower.


Actually it's more than 22% and no they are not. It's the 2nd Amendment that guarantees a right to bear arms. Now if that can be abolished it's another matter. we are already working on getting rid of the fourth and first. Not gonna be fun after we're done....


"[A]ggressive measures"?


But anything less than the unrestrained "right" to tote around the artillery of one's choice whenever and wherever one chooses will face a fusillade of financial firepower from the manufacturers of mayhem, won't it just?


Who is "already working on getting rid of the First and Fourth Amendments?"
If you said Republicans and Conservatives you'd be correct.
The Conservatives the Republicans are the people who want free speech limited and a massive law and order effort to be undertaken.
They like war, the NSA and locking people up.

Unless you have some survey that indicates that more then 22% of American's own guns then we'll stick with the Harvard-Northeastern survey results if you don't mind.
This isn't about gun ownership, it's about the size and type of guns that can be owned and by whom.

Are you aware that one of the first things that Hitler did was to have a law passed requiring that all German adults own a gun?
Why do you suppose that he did that?


Read imhoteps post above. How many weapons have you accumulated?


It's only been a few years now that the Supreme Court (Scalia) held that the 2nd was an individual right to own firearms. Even then, it did not end governmental right to regulate possession and use.


What's with some people with Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats or Progressives. There's only people who want to suppress others rights. Whether is is thru "safe spaces", "trigger warnings", PC crap, invading you privacy and you name it... When the day comes you'll want those 22% (you claim) to be on hand and deal with the guy with the boot on your neck.

BTW. phone surveys don't work to count gun owners. Most normal people will lie.


When Clinton attacked Sanders on this issue what was she thinking???

The real issue to win back Congress is TRADE and stand against the TPP------This is why Trump is the rep nominee.


How does this square with the idea that: "the government is us!"?!! It's not just who we vote for every 4 years


How many do you need?


An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when you have to back up your words with your life. Robert Heinlein


For the same reason we are allowing just 1% to control our government/country. Wouldn't be surprised but what those owning 17 or more guns are part of that same 1% -- who among the peons can afford even 1 gun, let alone 17!?


The romantic part of me wants to respond "Count me in for the revolution."

The logical part wants to say,
"And good luck with that. Not a great record of piddly firearms against tanks/robot controlled explosives, deadly drones, and the full might of the National Guard, militarized police forces, and the military itself (armed much better than a person with 17 guns--besides, you can't shoot all of those at once, can you?)".


Who cares what Bernie says, now that he is a Stepford Wife Hillary supporter? He is wrong about gun control. Oops, he never said what you claim. You're just making up stuff to support the NRA gun nuts.

According to the Constitution, "well regulated" gun control of the "militia" (the people) is "necessary." It is constitutional to deny firearms to unsupervised minors, the untrained, the incompetent, the unlicensed, the uninsured, the clinically insane and the criminally violent. Which is why we have constitutional gun laws in every state and on the national level too.

Once those dangerous groups have been well regulated out by necessity, then and only then does an American resident or citizen have the right to own or operate a firearm. Otherwise, Charles Manson would have the constitutional right to firearms in prison.

By the way, the US Military is the most powerful military in the history of the world. Plus, the NSA is unconstitutionally spying on everyone with a phone and/or internet connection. So how the hell do you expect to violently overthrow the government, which by the way, is treason.

Of course, this whole time NRA gun nuts have been claiming they have the right to commit treason, our country has been over taken by the oligarchy without a shot fired and without a peep from the gun nuts. How ironic is that?

You cannot use the Second Amendment in place of the First Amendment to start a revolution.


Only NRA gun nuts falsely claim that liberals want to take their gunz!

Your power that comes from the barrel of a gun is only power when you hold your gun, which is hardly ever. Your "equal power" theory is utter nonsense. When have conservatives in the US ever threatened liberals with guns, besides never?

Gun nuts are so fearful. They have to sleep with the light on.


Get back to us when you can actually prove the US Government wants to take away all of our gunz. LOL!

By the way, if you gun nuts commit treason by raising arms against the US Government, how the hell are you going to defend yourself from a drone attack in the middle of the night? You would be spread out over the neighborhood before you knew what hit you.