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Seeking 'True Accountability,' First Civilian Drone Victim Appears in US Court


Seeking 'True Accountability,' First Civilian Drone Victim Appears in US Court

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

For the first time ever, a civilian survivor of a U.S. drone strike attended a hearing in U.S. court on Tuesday.


And ? SO?


I don't think this will do any good. Ehud Bara(c)k Obama & Donald Chump will never be prosecuted. They'll spend the last years of their lives making BS speeches & charging people to listen to them and build those useless libraries.:rage::cry::disappointed::scream::sob::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::skull::scream_cat::skull_crossbones::urn::punch::robot:


Bless this brave man for having the courage to come forward. Unfortunately the US public will probably learn nothing about this case from the complicit media.
An apology would be so easy to offer, but this is a Yemeni, not a European or USan, for-gods-sake, so instead he may receive his own personal drone hit.


To all the pinheads prosecuting the sadistic, futile MICC GWOT . . . consider this:
"Instead of paying money in a secret way, the U.S. could announce a project in his name carried out by members of civil society in support of the village that was hit," he said, adding that creating educational projects in the village could also help prevent young people from joining terrorist groups such as al-Qaida.
Faisal bin ali Jaber

Better yet, just stop all this drone rubbish. Period.


The rhetoric that suggests that fiat murder or other unchecked executive powers have just become a problem because a nut like Trump has control over it is disturbing. Are we to imagine that the other fiat murderers are reasonable?

Thank you to Mr. Jaber for coming forward despite the obvious difficulties and the spare chance of anything like justice anywhere in the response. By such acts these things become and remain more public, and we may cease to imagine that our leaders have been "moderate" or "centrist" or reasonable or sane.


I could only hope that the administration would go to court and openly present the information requested thereby setting a precedent for future cases and future presidents which would allow for this type of legal action to go forward. And perhaps if they did that, there would be fewer such cases because future attacks would stop. I certainly wish for the best outcome for Mr Jaber's quest.


Drone strikes are deadly and ruthless which is why they are illegal in the world community.

Another thing, disgusting, the drones don't just kill a lot of innocents, they hang around and kill the rescuers.


Well, that would be nice.

I do think we should remember what Jaber is up against, though. The US government is not completely monolithic, so this is not completely a matter of going to the murderers in search of justice. But we should remember that a lot in the dynamic is close to that, and that that is why we are looking at a lawsuit and not a constellation of murder trials.

The Obama administration has been the fiercest American administration since at least the Civil War in persecuting journalists and others who have tried to reveal the extent and nature of its violence. In anything like a just system, we would be discussing, with respect to drone strikes, hundreds of cases of cold-blooded murder. There are actual laws against murder in the United States, of course. And there are historical precedents of the leaders of oppressive states being tried and sometimes even punished after they have left office. I do not mean to substitute my judgement for the results of hypothetical trials, but it should be at least clear that the Obama and Bush II administrations are both deeply and extensively involved in repeated killings of men, women, and child civilians far away from anything like a legitimate war zone and with no clear relationship to anything like a legitimate war. Quite a few people in the Obama administration therefore have very intense and personal reasons to avoid any precedent towards justice. Jaber's claims are quite modest, under the circumstances. But the actions involved are generally regarded as capital crimes. I can hardly imagine that the Obama administration would make any gesture that might even partly acknowledge that.


Time to get back on your meds. This post makes no sense.


Obama is the most foul, evil man to ever hold that office. Pretending that he has powers to kill anyone of his choosing on Tuesday Mornings Kill List (including US citizens, Senators and Judges, apparently) is unfathomable in a civilized country.

Obama, therefore, is uncivilized, and a complete fraud concerning his background and education. Now it looks like the tin-plated dictator of, a now banana republic, wants to nullify the election by claiming, without any proof, that Russia somehow caused Trump to win.

A coup, by any other name.

Obama is a traitor to the US Constitution.


Don from Canada said:

TJ says:
You must be on Black Tar Sands or something. Obama writes and executes a Drone Kill List each Tuesday, with a joystick, he fires the drones himself.

What? You didn't know that? Click and Learn:

Obama's Kill List


Don represents the downside of Canada having more affordable drugs than the US.


Good one. Thanks for a laugh this morning.


It's racist to criticize Obama for dropping bombs on black and brown people? That's quite an interesting opinion.


Good luck asking Obama for anything good. As a cynical side note, that $100,000 is less than the cost of one Hellfire missle, at about $160,000 each, give or take depending on model. And Obama makes out his Tuesday hit list every week, just counting up the money and the bodies. How many schools could you build for that, especially in Yemen? How many water projects or other useful and helpful places to spend money? Must be very comfortable in the oval office, protected by secret service agents and not having to look to the sky in DC wondering what is flying overhead waiting to unleash death. Obama, with family in tow, in an SUV, should be sent to the desert to experience that fear. It won't happen of course, but he deserves such a fate.