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Seems Increasingly Clear Trump Just Made Up the 'Imminent Threat' Posed by Soleimani

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/13/seems-increasingly-clear-trump-just-made-imminent-threat-posed-soleimani

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Warren is gutsy and honest unlike the vast majority of politicians. She was the first one to say this plain. It is something to think about. She would go for the history if elected as the first woman President. Or rather the first progressive and who is a woman, President.

I am liking her more and more but I wish she and Sanders would form a team because with both their bases combined then Trump is toast.


“Making-up” the imminent threat of false actions to justify an illegal (by US and International law) the political assassination of a foreign leade, in the agenda to destroy that foreign nation is alop known as lying. Lying all the more dangerous and contemptible when done for political purposes re the coming election to divert attention from impeachment and other domestic scheming. Is that truth not an “impeachable” offense and political atrocity?

The MO of this cretinous low morality creature and malignant narcissist threatens world war and planetary destruction, massive pollution and chemical poison spread over our land and water. exploitation to destruction of national lands and treasures to provide private profits for crony’s, and a politics of division, racist hatred, “privatization” (read: theft of public resources) and his hourly lies and fantasy world threatens our republic beyond ordinary madness and criminal contempt for the lives of all others!

How in any rational world is this hideous creture not impeached, but actually defended by the “RepubliCon” extremists and sheep?


More like if Liz joined Bernie…she knows she would be toast!

Man I can’t believe how stupid Trump actually is. Had he been born to an average or poor family he would’ve ended up drug addicted and homeless more likely dead by now.


Look up the bipartisan designation of the Quds Force as a terrorist organization. That’s already an unprecedented declaration of war against a sovereign nation, because the Quds Force happens to be Iran’s main military arm. Everyone who participated in that sham, which is almost all Dems, has to preface all comments with “The world’s number one bad-guy was just killed, and we’re all glad about that, but…”

That contrast of who looks honest (albeit honestly venal) and who looks phony plays into the slouch toward fascism Hedges sees in manifest collapses these days. When you say (as does Ro Khanna, in so many words) that Soleimani deserved to die, you’re endorsing ascendant dictatorship here.


I thought the US might stop at cattle rustling and horse thievery (oil). Trump is now shooting people in the back, claiming they drew first in front of 7,000,000,000 witnesses.


Caution is in order about Elizabeth Warren, she may cause the Nader effect for Bernie. Additionally she is proposing an “incrementa” approach to national healthcare which the pharmaceutical industry will oppose at every opportunity with TV adds over a much longer time.


The assassination was pushed by Iran war hawks John Bolton and Mike Pompeo,

One has to wonder how many more future assassinations are on the table, by these two insane, fascist, criminals. They are the lieutenants and the hit men of the Trump Mafia, so we have to know they must have a list, on their radar screen… of future murders.


I lost all respect for Liz in 2016 when she chose Hillary over Bernie. And we can expect her to back Biden over Bernie in 2020.


Oh c’mon. Don’t be a hypocrite. Once again you don’t give credit where credit is due. So yeah, keep disparaging progressives even when one of them does the right thing. Look at what you do from the opposite side. Some Trumper would laugh and say that ‘They don’t even stick up for one of their own. What losers!’ So great, you hurt us all and help frighten our already less than courageous politicians from standing up like did Warren. You are basically discouraging them from being progressive whether you admit it or not.

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Warren initially made statements condemning Soleimani, essentially buying into the argument he was a terrorist. https://kvia.com/your-voice-your-vote/politics/2020/01/06/elizabeth-warrens-ever-shifting-statements-on-qasem-soleimanis-killing/ Only later she seemed to backtrack. Sorry, but I think she is inclined first to go with the corporate news explanation and only later correct herself.


In the real world, the “Nader Effect” killed the Corvair–on balance, a good thing for everybody but GM–but nobody else.


Or another nobody, ranting at his reflection in the back-bar mirror while everybody else gives him a 5-stool buffer.


Now you really are a hypocrite or a troll. Why don’t you read your own post’s citation again. She said the truth in each of the quotes as the situation developed but I noticed the mainstream media reporter at ABC News failed to add the direct quote by Warren that we should all be asking just why now with the impeachment trial looming. She was the only one to say it of all of the politicians. That is pure guts and a serious plus for any progressive. So without stating the obvious… which other politician came out and did state the obvious about Trump’s taking us to the edge of war as a distraction besides Warren?

Pointing at McMaster !!
What the heck ?
This whole blame game does nothing at all to bring any solutions to the table. Does not damage Trump nor republicans in primaries or general election.

The idea that trumpo pre-approved killing is really your stretch that matches his lying about 4 embassies = ‘imminent’.

The imminent is that rust belt, fly over land has zero attention from DC politicians, wall street, bankers, investors or even state and local officials. Nothing is actually being done. The new steel tarriffs against Viet Nam two weeks ago has us all laughing. US Steel is closing their mill on the Detroit River. 1,500 union and salary jobs lost.

Lets get to work and make sure our young people get involved, active and vote.

I really loved my Corvair. Until it rusted out and exhaust fumes were slowly killing me.

LOCK HIM UP!!! Oops, I forgot: this is a country of two levels of justice: the haves and the have-nots.


Identity politics? Nice try…

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She didn’t say it plain and she got attacked by the left for it.

So are you misinformed or lying on behalf of your candidate?