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'Seems Like a Pretty Big Deal': Senate Democrats Refer Secret Document About Kavanaugh to FBI


'Seems Like a Pretty Big Deal': Senate Democrats Refer Secret Document About Kavanaugh to FBI

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Less than a day after The Intercept reported that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) received a letter that purportedly details an "incident" involving Trump Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh and "a woman while they were in high school," Feinstein announced in a statement on Thursday that she has referred the secret document to the FBI.


I DESPISE looking at Corporate Feinstein’s face! California PLEASE dump her!!!


High school? The Democrats are a cruel joke.


Rumors and speculation are flying high across the web. Be careful what you consume. Some interesting points may point in the wrong direction, either way this points to the end of the Grassley Express runaway train with it’s Brett Caboose.


Why aren’t Ds pounding the perjury issue? Kavanaugh should never have been in a position to be nominated to SCOTUS to begin with. It’s small wonder that all but a tiny fraction of his record has been kept hidden from the public.




I am soooo tired of the DNC and the RNC misusing our classification system for their own benefit. It is so common, they don’t even try to hide the abuse - they brag about it.

"The U.S. classification of information system has three classification levels – Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential – which are defined in EO 12356. "

“Section 1.1(a) of EO 12356 states that:
“Secret” shall be applied to information, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.”

NATIONAL security - not ‘party’ security. Not party embarrassment. Not personal embarrassment.

If the knowledge of something ANYBODY did while in high school 35 years ago could ‘cause serious damage to the national security,’ we have the makings of a great novel and movie. 35 years ago!? Any damage certainly would have already happened!

Raising the BS flag as high as my worn shoulders will allow.

Not saying it isn’t something that might be damaging to Kavanaugh. Saying I am sick and tired of the two parties abusing and using MY government. If it has nothing to do with NATIONAL security, there is no excuse for it to be a ‘secret.’

But that it probably really isn’t ‘secret’ and therefore there is no reason she couldn’t release it but doesn’t anyway tells me it is probably just more politics. Bread and circuses.

Bring something REAL and relevant. (Besides junk that is poorly disguised as campaigning for reelection.) If you don’t already have enough to settle your vote, please don’t make stuff up. Weak arguments hurt not help.


Jesus, they are. Leahy, an institutionalist if there ever was one, along with his colleagues, have posted information that was only for committee members’ eyes. You know about Kavanaugh’s lying because of them.

Meanwhile, progressives were yelling at them to walk out of the hearings altogether just a few days ago. If they listened to these twitter (and CD) experts, Kavanaugh’s hearing process would have gone even quicker, and you wouldn’t even know much of what you know now.

They certainly aren’t above criticism, but give them their due. They are playing a tough hand pretty well. And they can’t do anything about a media that wants to give Republicans unwarranted “fair” due.


Of all the real things Kavanaugh’s suitability can be attacked for, the Democrats pick some lurid tryst from when he was in high school???


Read my comment above. Feinstein isn’t doing that. Commenters here just yesterday were bitching about her not releasing the letter publicly. She did the right thing, which was give it to authorities and leave it there.

In my opinion, the Democrats on the committee are playing a losing hand better than all the progressive twitter expert geniuses I’ve seen. Hell, these progressives were screaming for them to walk out of hearings just a few days ago. What would that have accomplished?

The Democrats on the committee clearly have a strategy. They want the vote delayed and are building the case publicly and with their colleagues. Progressives want to scream and stomp their feet over every little tactical issue, which is what I suspect Republicans would love the committee Democrats to do.


Yes, this could play into the republican’s hands if this comes off as some kind of unsubstantiated allegation from the distant past. If he had been arrested or involved in the criminal justice systme over this - then maybe but even so - he was probably a juvenile and that would probably bar release of documents. There is enough malfeasance in his most recent actions to withhold this confirmation from him.

Even though I disagree with her on so much, Diane does have some good qualities and I assume she is trying to be discreet regarding this matter.


That’s some pretty feeble pounding. Please see Thomas Neuburger’s article in today’s views for advice on how to beef it up.


I can’t base the progressive reaction soley based on what is posted on CommonDreams. While it might be representative in some way, it seems to be a very small group who I tend to agree with on most things. But it is correct - attacking the democrats without objectivity - only plays into the hands of the right wing and republicans who are very vicious and evil minded.


I guess it is better than grade school or kindergarten.


We do not know what is in all those documents, the names of people that appear in them, or all they are in regards to. I think acting with discretion is important, and the last thing Democrats want to do is drag innocent people into a confirmation battle they want nothing to do with. That would make some bad television, to say the least. Moreover, the Senate has Executive Session for a reason, and it’s because personnal and family issues can come into play that have zero to do with a nominee’s actual job.

Plus, if they want to delay Kavanaugh’s nomination as Thomas Neuburger proposed just a few days ago, they need their ducks in a row. They want to make the case he’s unfit because he’s unfit, not purely on judicial philosophy. I think they are doing that well.


One would hope so, though without much confidence.


The Intercept’s Ryan Grim sez: “The letter took a circuitous route to Feinstein.”

Let’s hope for the Senator’s sake it did not originate with Herr Reichsminister Rove. Would hate to see her get Dan Rathered here.

“What’s the frequency, Kenneth?”


To begin with, why are people like this woman allowed to be in the US Congress (the Senate specifically) and to be called a “lawmaker?” She has no legal training or law degree. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and has not tried to better herself by earning a law degree at one of the law schools in the District of Columbia. She’s lived there for decades.

Why doesn’t she tell the public what’s in this letter? That shows that she does not work for us. As with most of these “Democrats” she continues to enable the Republicans at every turn because she is a right-wing Republican despite that “D” next to her name. The stupid-is-in voters in California continue to “elect” her. She works for the corporations, the same ones that the Rs work for. Their orders are to appoint Kavanaugh regardless of his record. (She always looks terrified of her own shadow for some reason.)


I see there are some really smart, intuitive, informed and logical people hanging out here.

I am a cynic. I admit that sometimes that taints my perspective. So maybe I’m not seeing the obvious…

What difference does it make now? Who is the intended target of any further discussion? Who are they hoping will change their vote from the party line?

To my thinking:

The hearing is over. All that is happening now is backroom discussions. They know, among themselves, who is going to vote for and against and who might really still be vacillating and what it would take for them to settle on a position. (Really, as opposed to what they put out in public.)

Assuming all the Dems in office will vote opposed, who on the Repub side are they hoping to sway? (If ALL the Dems are NOT voting opposed, then any further discussion really IS irrelevant. His confirmation is a done deal. And what we are seeing really is just bread and circuses, distraction and campaigning for reelection.)

Murkowski? She doesn’t have to worry about reelection until 2022? People, we know, have short memories. Think she might really oppose the RNC?

Collins? 2020 reelection. Not immediate but close enough to make her worry, maybe?

But flipping even one Repub is not enough. Tiebreaker goes to Pence.

Break my cynicism. What is the purpose of their (the Senators’) discussion? If it isn’t just Bread and Circuses, I really would like to understand; to believe there is some chance all this isn’t just more games and distraction.

(You know the definition of a pessimist? An optimist with experience.)


I wish I could, but I can’t because I share it. The whole Kavanaugh circus has been a done deal since the beginning because he’s not just Trump’s pick; he’s the pick of the plutocracy. They don’t care what anyone thinks, but sometimes it serves them to pretend to stay “in bounds.” So–we get a bullshit hearing and a sordid confirmation process ahead of a foregone conclusion. I do hope I’m wrong.


Like Feinstein has never heard the word redact? Give me a breaking!