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'Seems Like a Pretty Big Deal': Senate Democrats Refer Secret Document About Kavanaugh to FBI


The term national security has never meant the average American citizens… SECURITY!


Did I read this correctly? “High School,” really?


It is difficult enough to read laws written by non-lawyers. Whatever language lawyers use, it is not standard English even though it resembles it a lot. So I think that criticism of Feinstein is not only irrelevant, but also wrong.

There is much to criticize Feinstein for, but please comment on the issue at hamd.


Here is the overall logic as I see it.
First, there are the Democrats who you would expect to vote to confirm (Manchin, Donnelly, Heitkamp, Tester). With a straight vote without substantial extra-judicial controversy three of those four voted for Gorsuch and there was no reason to expect otherwise this time. However, the substantiated demonstration of lying to Congress has provided enough cover to these Conservative Democrats to make it likely (perhaps a 60% chance) that they will vote to oppose Kavanaugh.
Next comes the three Republicans said to be in play: Murkowski, Flake, and Collins who have voted against Trump in the Senate 17.3%, 16.7%, and 21.1% of the time respectively (though rarely on judicial appointments). On judicial appointments these three have signaled their displeasure and forced Trump to withdraw a little over 8% of his nominations. So that’s about the size of your glimmer of hope - somewhere around 5% to 8%. If the nominee is clearly tainted in their minds, there is a reasonable (not good but possible) chance that they might signal that they either want a delay until more information can be examined or that they just want someone else put forward.

If you are a touchdown down and you are on your own goal line with fourth down and 1 second on the clock - you throw a Hail Mary. The pre-requisite for that is that you have some receivers downfield. I think the evidence seen on Kavanaugh has given us those receivers - but only if the ball just plain lands in their lap.


Flake. Yea. Not running for reelection.

Okay. I can see where it might not be just rhetoric.



Give me a break. We elected a President who admitted he smoked pot in high school, a “crime” for which many people are still locked up.

So Kavanaugh may have acted inappropriately with a female in high school disqualifies him from the Supreme Court? Give me a break. There are many legitimate reasons to oppose him, but some “me too” moment in HIGH SCHOOL?

And the Democrats keep wondering why they don’t win…


If you won’t battle 'em on policy, battle 'em on bullshit, right Democrats?

Two parties full of mendacity, empty of principle, and a political discourse suitable for Jerry Springer - Grownups with brains and good will still need a party worth voting for.


“California PLEASE dump here!!!”

I’m afraid that’s not about to happen. She won the CA primary overwhelmingly and now has to win in November, which she’s expected to do. So another 6 years of Feinstein. She’ll be 92 at the end of that term and ready for another 6 years. I suspect most of those who voted for her couldn’t tell you a thing she’s done. They merely vote on name-recognition. It’s just so easy that way. You don’t really have to know what she’s doing, just pretend to know what she’s doing.


Yes Dianne Feinstein is bought and bossed. However even though she does not have a law degree she does have decades of political experience. I wish that she would be voted out or retire because she is a corporate creation but do not disavow her many years of being in the political realm.


Another example of why term limits would make the oosa political system more equitable.

Still a law degree does not necessarily make a politician more qualified to do right for the common good.


I’ll give you 4-to-1 odds this is a diversion tactic by the Right. The tactic is to create a buzz about an alleged crime or misdeed using a fabricated letter. Get the news cycle and the whole country on edge. Once it is investigated, it is found to be bogus. The bogus-ness of the charges becomes the top news headline. Poor Kavanaugh, he becomes the victim and deserving of sympathy. By inference, all other objections and accusations against Kavanaugh are then assumed to be like the hoax, i.e. baseless smears. Voila, the media produces the desired groundswell of popular support for this lying crass PoS, followed by a triumphant confirmation vote. Such a shame that we still fall for these things.


So a senator passes on to the FBI an anonymous tip, from an unknown person, who claims some “misconduct” while a candidate for SCOTUS was in high school?
That’s about the most blatant sign that the Dem/Lib/Soc/Prog bunch have lost their rabbit-ass minds in a total panic that they will never accomplish their agenda of a socialist America, that I have ever seen.

Next — a revelation that Judge Kavanaugh wet his pants in kindergarten.


You just summed up the whole of voting in the good ol’ U.S.A.! Who gives a fuck what “they” have or have NOT done for us and the country! TOO much work to actually be awake and research for a politicians place on issues that affect them. Just like a fucking five year old you want to do something: “It’s too harrrrrrd.” And the “popularity contest” continues…


I don’t think the Dems “picked” this to bring up. That is not the correct way to frame it. But I agree that there is a risk to Dems if they are not diligent and if all the attention goes onto this and away from all of the other strikes against Kavanaugh.


One thing that really does annoy me, and I heard reflected on NPR, is the phony pretense that we do not know how Kavanaugh will rule on abortion (and other issues). He spent his entire life working in anti-choice circles, for anti-choice politicians, pushing anti-choice policies, yet journalists were pretending like it was a big mystery when I was listening. It was a vacuous conversation, one that asked listeners to play naive about an important policy matter with large ramifications for the country.

This is why I think committee Democrats are compiling a record, taking risks but being careful in other respects. They know if it looks like they are opposing him to oppose him, it’s all going to be “Democrats say, Republicans say” coverage. They want to substantiate his lack of fitness, for their more conservative caucus members and Republican “moderates.”

On the coverage issue, I don’t know to what extent it’s working. But it should give their colleagues food for thought.


The evidence keeps mounting against Kavanaugh, the biggest at this point being perjury IMO. We’ll see if enough of the fence sitters can muster the courage to vote against this awful pick for lifetime appointment to the SCOTUS.


To Spacecadet,

It’s not a joke if the matter is severe enough to be referred to the FBI for investigation.

If Kavanaugh committed a serious crime – even in high school – it would be relevant to understanding his psychology, behavior, and fitness (or unfitness) to become a lifetime Justice (ha!) on the U.S. Supreme Court.

So, don’t dismiss or disparage this matter before you know all the facts! I hope we soon learn all the details.


I do credit and appreciate the Democrats who have revealed Kavanaugh’s repeated lying under oath to Congress.

BUT – I wish they would go beyond just reporting the facts, and forcefully state the vital implications: 1) Kavanaugh is unfit to be a lifetime Justice on the Supreme Court 2) He also needs to be impeached and removed as a Judge on the D.C. District Court 3) If convicted of repeated lying under oath to Congress, he must to go to jail! 4) We must not allow felons and lawbreakers to be our Judges or Justices!

I haven’t read about any Senate Democrats making these vital points publicly and passionately. These points would make widespread headlines – and strongly turn the U.S. people against Kanaugh – which would likely cause Kavanaugh to withdraw himself from consideration (while he tried instead to avoid going to prison)!


The more dirty deeds that come out about Kavanaugh, the greater the chances that 1) he withdraws himself from consideration 2) the Repugs withdraw him from consideration 3) the Dems can impeach him when they win back control of the Congress 4) the voters understand just how dirty are both Kavanaugh and the Repugs 5) the voters turn against the Repugs.

Plus – aside from political goals – the Truth is almost always worth revealing in full!


Ditton –

I’m with you on being careful about this – it may be a set up to loop around and look like
proof that Prof. Anita Hill’s accusations against Clarence Thomas were suspect …

Of course they were not and more than a dozen women who actually were victims of
Thomas’s sexual harassment at the EEOC – or witnesses to it – were set to testify.

Then Sen. Biden who had conducted the Hearings had given his word to Prof. Anita Hill’s
legal team that he would allow these witnesses to testify. Instead, in the middle of the night
he shut down the Hearings.

Tonight C-span was rerunning the Kavanaugh Hearings and for the first time I heard Grassley
talk about Dem unfairness in attacks on Thomas without mentioning that Thomas was a very
serious case of sexual abuse which had never before been raised against any other candidate.

Nor did Grassley mention the “Witch Hunt” of Prof Anita Hill which Biden allowed to continue on
and on and on outrageously … in what we can see now was an effort by Biden to put this pervert
on the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Biden himself is on display fondling and groping young girls in a number of videos which
appeared on C-span during Dem “Swearing In Ceremonies.” See: YouTube

By the way – I would also point out that not one of these White males had the decency – not even
Leahy or Booker – or Feinstein for that matter – to comment on the reality that we have in Congress
a mess of older white males, many of them “Christian” sitting in judgment on what may turn out to
actually be women’s health and lives in regard to Roe v Wade.

It’s time to clear this Congress of these men – Terms Limits might be one way –
And to be very careful about adding any more “Christians” as we’ve see what they do to women and
children. Or any more “White Power” or male supremacist passion to the Congress or our Courts.