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'Seems Like a Pretty Big Deal': Senate Democrats Refer Secret Document About Kavanaugh to FBI


Another reason here – if the accusation is true – WHY statutes of limitations must be lifted.

And GAG RULES banned –


“Big deal” as a distraction. DemRepugnant framing is now a tried and tired corp-dems ‘contribution’. Gov brown did not meet, today, with actual people. Is not RepuDem issue? Oh, here’s a distraction.


'Cause males never misbehave themselves sexually in High School?

He was born in 1965 – and is 53 years old – and a White Male Supremacist and Catholic educated by

No friend of Church/State Separation either –

Kavanaugh thinks asking for government neutrality when it comes to religion is the equivalent of pushing atheism on everybody. Even though nobody is telling people to stop believing in God.

That’s the same warped logic Ken Ham uses when arguing that the prohibition of teaching Intelligent Design and Creationism in science classes is somehow anti-Christian and a government imposition of Secular Humanism. It’s completely misguided.

As church/state advocates have argued for years, religious neutrality is not the same as promoting atheism. Even atheist lawyers would argue against promoting atheism in a government setting.

If Kavanaugh doesn’t understand that, I have no doubt he’ll tear down the wall of separation between church and state at every opportunity.

One other troubling thing: Kavanaugh also argued in his concurrence that the phrase “so held me God” didn’t promote God at all:

And …

Report: SCOTUS Nom Brett Kavanaugh Accused of Sexual Misconduct

The unspecificed allegations are from Kavanaugh’s high school days and involve a female, though Kavanaugh, 53, attended an all-male Jesuit high school in Maryland.

The Daily News reports the claims were made in a letter obtained by Dianne Feinstein, California’s Democratic senior senator and the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. A committee vote on whether to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate was recently delayed from this week to September 20. Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Republican who chairs the Judiciary Committee, said there are no plans to delay it further in light of the new information.

Feinstein found the allegations so concerning she sent them to “federal investigative authorities,” according to a statement from the senator. A congresswoman from California — Democrat Anna Eshoo — initially received the incendiary letter about Kavanaugh before sending it to Feinstein. The accuser requested confidentiality.



How easy will it be for Trump to get FBI to “investigate” and declare the accusations
of this woman to be of no supportable significance?

The public needs to know what the accusations are –

Easy to bury on a weekend of Florence – !!


Well… maybe… But I really doubt anything could come of it. Certainly not very quickly. So I’m assuming that the question is rhetorical.


First hurdle is figuring and then trying to prove the accusation has enough merit to unseal records. He was a minor. Any records in which HE was the accused would be sealed. There are some legal hurdles to be jumped. “I’m curious” is not what one would assume to be legal justification.

Second hurdle in figuring out the credibility of the accusation has to do with the implication it was in school… You are aware that a lot of opposition to Kavanaugh comes because of his religious raising, right? Things like he went to a Jesuit school? An all MALE school.

I’ll say it again: One should ‘pick your fights.’ Weak arguments, as we can see happening with this situation, weaken not strengthen one’s position.

“Somebody said something to somebody about something that happened 35 years ago when he was a minor” is a terribly, terribly weak position… A terrible distraction that is doing more harm than good by making Feinstein (and the DNC) look petty. Plays right into the opposition’s hand.

Frankly, if that is the best the Dems have to offer to try and justify a delay, they should have left it buried, Florence or no Florence. All they did was prove they have nothing substantial. Simply trying “I need more time” would have been a better rational than this.


Do you think that Prof. Anita Hill was “bullshit”?

Are you serious?

And, do you realize at that time how much the GOP wanted to ignore the charge by Hill?

And that it was then Sen. Joe Biden who bailed out Thomas by allowing an outrageous and wild
“Witch Hunt” against Prof. Hill –

And that it was Sen. Biden who PREVENTED a dozen or more witnesses from testifying to the
truth of Prof. Hill’s allegations based on their own observations of Thomas sexual harassment of
women at the EEOC – or their own personal experience of it.

Hill’s legal team had been PROMISED by Biden that he would allow these women to testify.
Instead he shut down the hearings in the middle of the night.

Thomas should never been on the SC - even his closest long term friends from college days
identified him as a pervert and lover/addicted to porn.

Biden, himself, is a fondler and groper of children as you can see for yourself on YouTube in
videos which appeared on C-span – more than a dozen of them – at Dem “Swearing In


I understand what you are saying, but 1) we do not know what the specific allegations are; 2) who the person is making the allegations; and 3) whether or not they have merit to begin with. What if we find it was a political hit job, written by a democratic partisan? What if we find out the letter just came from someone seeking attention that Kavanaugh did not even know? Democrats on the committee would lose credibility in a heartbeat if they started yelling without credible evidence behind the allegations.

All we know is that a letter from someone who appears to have made allegations about Kavanaugh went from a congresswoman’s office to Feinstein’s office to the FBI. That is pretty much it.


Quark –

Just want to update the reports to say that evidently Feinstein did tell Dems what accusations were –
but did not allow them to see the letter –

The unnamed woman who is the subject of the letter has also reportedly retained legal counsel. Debra Katz, an attorney who has represented other woman who have accused men of sexual misconduct as part of the #MeToo movement, has been hired by the woman, according to The Intercept.

I’m guessing that this woman might never have made an issue of this sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh, but that like Prof. Anita Hill who also originally wanted to remain anonymous, was not willing to remain silent while Kavanaugh reached the Supreme Court. Recall that Prof. Hill had reported Thomas’ behavior to a chain of command and nothing happened, but don’t recall details. Will try to look up tomorrow.

Quark –

I’m not talking about an actual serious investigation – they would simply say they “looked into it”
and of no significance.
How many times do you think Trump has approached Sessions to shut down Mueller’s investigation?

Like Prof. Anita Hill, who to my knowledge, never reported her sexual harassment to authorities …
this woman might not have actually filed a police report. Maybe no criminal file on him – I’m quite
sure there wouldn’t be.

Who said it occurred in school? Suggestion was that it happened during Kavanaugh’s H/S years.
And he went to a Jesuit school which was all male. But, who knows?

You don’t refer at all to any knowledge of Prof. Anita Hill’s testimony so I presume you are unfamiliar
with it – and you should try to look into it.

Clarence Thomas is a pervert and he is on our Supreme Court.

I mentioned “Florence” as it is going to be a weekend where the attention of millions of people will not be on Kavanaugh – and I’m quite sure that many don’t even know what the questions about Kavanaugh are.

Unfortunately, we all have to wait to find out what the accusations actually are –


No one on the Dem side will present a false story – and imagine a big concern for them.

GOP certainly wouldn’t want anything this to happen as they want a quick confirmation.

But we can’t rule out something like a Rove-fake to make Dems look foolish.

Feinstein told Dems what the accusations are – but didn’t let them see the letter.

Evidently in response to Feinstein passing it on to FBI, the woman has engaged a lawyer –
someone who has represented some of the #metoo accusers.

Again, Dems know and let’s hope we hear more tomorrow.


You’d excuse him if it were something like rape, assault, child sex abuse, or giving a girl/woman rohypnol?


Here’s something for you Captain Obvious.

President Trump is pouring over his list to see he’ll pick to replace Ginsberg. It’s apparent from this video she is near the end.

And word is Sotomayor is ill with diabetes-meds can allow her to lead a long life but it can become very incapacitating for some older folks.


Did I say anything about Anita Hill? Yes, I’m serious. You are boring me with questions from the last century now, so you’ll have to argue about Anita Hill with yourself, since you brought it up.

If you see something from Feinstein on the current nominee that’s concrete and actionable after 35 years, get back to me. I can’t imagine any reason to send it to the FBI other than to bullshit the American People.


Well… that’s pretty much what I mean… We don’t really “know” anything. It is all innuendo and implication. Pretty much everything you offer in response supports, not counters, what I’m saying - If that is the best they have, they should have said nothing. Even simple obstinance and refusal to vote, while not a good option, would have been better than playing a weak - losing - hand.

As you say, Trump has tried to shut down Mueller - and it hasn’t happened.

The Hill comparison? Ummm… Clarence Thomas has been on the bench for 27 years. Supports what I said not counters it. The accusation resulted in a sum total of ‘nothing.’ AND it was far, far, far more than the innuendo of maybe something but we aren’t going to say.

Unnamed” accuser. “Suggestion.” “Maybe no criminal file” at all.

Assuming I know nothing of Hill because I don’t try to make a comparison is poor logic. I don’t need to watch the movie - I watched it in real life… Again, the event supports my point of the futility of taking even less - almost nothing - and trying to use it to delay the vote.

The people who need to know, know. Florence is not distracting them. The Senators know who is going to vote how and what would have to happen to sway them. And whether they are willing to risk the consequences of voting against their party. That they haven’t told us doesn’t change that they have already canvassed each other and know where it stands. (That’s what they do. They don’t really pretend not to know and then really get surprised by a vote. They reserve that entertainment for our distraction.)

Again, your examples show what I’m saying, that the ploy is weak. They do not suggest it will be successful. They suggest it will not be.

The fanatically loyal who ‘want’ to believe it already believe it. No need to try and sway them.

“Somebody, said something about something a kid did 35 years ago, but we are not going to factually state who, what, where or how much they said” is not going to sway those who need swaying. It is weak. Very, very week. And embarrassing.


All this is well & good BUT, even if he withdraws his nomination guess what? The Federalist society, I mean Trump will nominate someone just as bad or even worse. Fact is we are fucked for 20+ yrs with a solid five member conservative court and that folks means a hell of a lot what this country will look like in the future. Everyone must remember that Nazi Germany had judges & courts and Russia and every other shitty country on earth. The so called “rule of law” that everyone seems to talk about is in the hands of those in power.


Elsewhere I have stated that those in government know right from wrong and if they cannot or refuse to do what is right do not get my vote, Period. It isn’t a matter of right or left, blue or red, it is a matter of honesty. Something that is in short supply for some gawd awful reason.


What is severe is the torture that this individual supported during the Bush administration but the Democrats do not want to highlight that because of their own complicity.


Lindsey Graham has said that if Kavanaugh got a girl pregnant and then paid for her to have an abortion, he would vote against him. He added that he hoped if the issue is about a pregnancy that Kavanaugh did the honorable thing that he (Graham) and most of his GOP colleagues in the Senate would have done and hired someone to have the girl quietly killed.


Agree –

and, Koch Bros. own a big chunk of NPR – it’s been owned by corporations for decades.

You’ll occasionally see something liberal – here and there – but overall it’s right wing and has
long been. GOP did a job on it ages ago.

20 years of presenting Bill Buckley – CIA.

Ken Burns and his latest on Vietnam … without EVER mentioning the Pentagon Papers.

C-span began to replay the Kavanaugh Senate Hearings last night – but doubt that many
people saw it with concerns about weather.

In regard to weather, in my area and brief watching of TV, I continue to see the reluctance
of weather reporting to state actual humidity. It looks like what is happening now is the
humidity is constantly so high that we here are constantly getting rain. Plus, despite that
the temps have fallen a good bit, the humidity makes it feel hotter.


Upthe –

Your original post . . .

If you won’t battle 'em on policy, battle 'em on bullshit, right Democrats?

Two parties full of mendacity, empty of principle, and a political discourse suitable for Jerry Springer - Grownups with brains and good will still need a party worth voting for.

NO – you didn’t say anything about the Prof. Anita Hill case, nor the fact that we already have
a pervert on the Supreme Court – Clarence Thomas. Nor do you seem to know that Thomas was
put there by another pervert – Joe Biden. I mentioned it because I thought you should know …
but it seems this is all … Just boring stuff, huh?

This looks like an attempted rape – with an accomplice. So there are evidently three people who know.

In the letter, the woman alleged that, during an encounter at a party, Kavanaugh held her down, and that he attempted to force himself on her. She claimed in the letter that Kavanaugh and a classmate of his, both of whom had been drinking, turned up music that was playing in the room to conceal the sound of her protests, and that Kavanaugh covered her mouth with his hand. She was able to free herself. Although the alleged incident took place decades ago and the three individuals involved were minors, the woman said that the memory had been a source of ongoing distress for her, and that she had sought psychological treatment as a result.

The New York Times also reported on the letter Friday, citing "three people familiar with [its] contents."

According to the letter, Mr. Kavanaugh, then a student at Georgetown Preparatory School in suburban Washington and now President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, had been drinking at a social gathering when he and the male friend took the teenage girl into a bedroom. The door was locked, and she was thrown on the bed, the letter says. Mr. Kavanaugh then got on top of the teenager and put a hand over her mouth, as the music was turned up, according to the account.

This is a “White Power” minded individual – nominated by Trump and his “White Male Supremacist” administration. Just a coincidence that the “pussy grabber” in the White House happened to pick
someone just like himself?

Doesn’t matter when this happened – it reflects on his character or lack of it – and possibly on his willingness to commit a crime.


Naturally you believe it because…REgressivism.

Why is just now coming out? He’s only gone through anal probes in previous confirmation hearings. Yeah

All you’re doing is trying to

  1. make it hard to find the next conservative to replace Ginsberg(don’t worry, won’t happen)
  2. try and cast Kavenaugh in a light that will be cast over his tenure(don’t worry, only you sheep will care)

Just like if the liar Anita Hill was getting sexually harassed, why did she follow Mr Thomas as he moved from numerous jobs? And never said anything until that scummy woman whose name escapes me at conservative-HAHAHAHA-NPR lifted up a rock and found Ms Hill.

Jesus, you REgressives pull the same thing time after time and think no one remembers your bullshit