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'Seems Like a Pretty Big Deal': Senate Democrats Refer Secret Document About Kavanaugh to FBI


MM –

Your defending Kavanaugh not for any reasons of democracy –
or concern for women or the future of this nature –

It’s about preserving White Male Supremacist religion/Catholic Church and forcing women
to pregnancy.

In the end fascism will also be your reward.


KC –

Who knows anything at the beginning of an inquiry or investigation?

Not really sure if all of this concern for the Dems being tricked isn’t more about support
for Kavanaugh …

Or maybe really about males here not really wanting to face the reality of the evil that
men do, including sexual assault.

But here’s more than we knew yesterday –

In the letter, the woman alleged that, during an encounter at a party, Kavanaugh held her down, and that he attempted to force himself on her. She claimed in the letter that Kavanaugh and a classmate of his, both of whom had been drinking, turned up music that was playing in the room to conceal the sound of her protests, and that Kavanaugh covered her mouth with his hand. She was able to free herself. Although the alleged incident took place decades ago and the three individuals involved were minors, the woman said that the memory had been a source of ongoing distress for her, and that she had sought psychological treatment as a result.

The New York Times also reported on the letter Friday, citing "three people familiar with [its] contents."

According to the letter, Mr. Kavanaugh, then a student at Georgetown Preparatory School in suburban Washington and now President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, had been drinking at a social gathering when he and the male friend took the teenage girl into a bedroom. The door was locked, and she was thrown on the bed, the letter says. Mr. Kavanaugh then got on top of the teenager and put a hand over her mouth, as the music was turned up, according to the account.


Where did that come from?


Patricia -

True …

All this is well & good BUT, even if he withdraws his nomination guess what? The Federalist society, I mean Trump will nominate someone just as bad or even worse. Fact is we are fucked for 20+ yrs with a solid five member conservative court and that folks means a hell of a lot what this country will look like in the future. Everyone must remember that Nazi Germany had judges & courts and Russia and every other shitty country on earth. The so called “rule of law” that everyone seems to talk about is in the hands of those in power.

Nonetheless, it’s important to deal with each of them, honestly.
To show America just WHO they actually are and the corruption of those doing the nominating.
It’s very similar to the argument against “voting for the lesser evil.”
All it brings is more evil. And better not to do it.

The Dems have done part of the job – we have to hope for some help from the fates.

Also with the weather which is probably preventing most Americans from giving any thought to
Kavanaugh right now.


Well, he might not have really said it, but it really does demonstrate how contemptible they are.


If they put another sexual predator on the Supreme Court, I say that’s grounds for mutiny. (Yes, I think he’s guilty. It would be great if she has documentation of counseling for the trauma)


From his high school days denotes an age to me—not attendance at the same school.


She was extraordinarily brave in the face of that panel of mostly assholes.


I strongly agree with you on that point.


nephew - -

I would agree they seem capable of anything, but let’s stick to actual quotes.

If Woodward releases the tapes he’s gathered together, I think it would be helpful.