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Seems Like Fox News Didn't Like the Joke About Its Crappy Climate Coverage


Seems Like Fox News Didn't Like the Joke About Its Crappy Climate Coverage

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"What will it take for Fox News to admit that humans are changing the climate?"

That's the question posed in a new satirical television ad which aims to use a bit of humor to call out the network's fueling of climate distortion "to the nation's physical and economic peril."

Produced by environmental advocacy organization Friends of the Earth (FoE) and Fenton Communications, the ad shows a supposed Fox News anchor discussing extreme weather events without drawing any links to climate change as water increasingly rises over her head.


Kochaine really needs to be elevated to a Schedule 1 drug.


It bears repeating that a study shows that people who watch Fox News are less informed than people who have no source of information whatsoever. Let that sink in a bit. People who know nothing are more informed than people who watch Fox.


Given Fox Network’s role in lying its viewers into the absurdity that Saddam Hussein was the force behind 911, their license should have been revoked (along with that of The New York Times).

However, since we no longer live in a nation of laws and instead, it’s money that calls the shots and defines the rules of the Great Game, these professional liars who perform all the propaganda necessary for making foreign wars possible continue with the War Business As Usual. The War on Drugs, the War on Women’s Rights, the War on Hispanic immigrants, the War on Nature, and the War on Health are now all subsidiaries of the War Complex.

And its dis-ease is running rampant virtually everywhere!

Here’s Jill Stein given a brief chance to blast through Fox News’ viewers’ denial:


The disease, as you aptly call it, is nothing new. The imposition of unaccountable power on the mass of humanity is as old as time itself, and the perpetual struggle of humankind to advance to a state of civilized rule continues unabated. The story of the golden calf will be fundamentally relevant forever. Greed, avarice, rapaciousness – these qualities have existed in some portion of humanity since the beginning of time, and will continue to ravage us until we figure out a way to live as a community in which such qualities cannot assume such overriding power.


Excellent post. I am with you on this one 100%.

Peace and Justice.


Wow! It comes as no surprise that Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets challenged Jill Stein in a way that they never challenge Republicans. Yet Jill managed hold her own.


It is hardly just Fox. I have yet to hear any pundit, talking head, or “expert” pose this simple question anywhere on the msm: Why all of a sudden, after decades and sometimes longer of the various infrastructures of communities just here in America being adequate to the task of storm water management, have they been so unable to cope with the storm events we seem to be witnessing with ever-increasing regularity?

And for those that might not be aware, these storm events are happening simultaneously all over the globe right now. And this is just the first and easiest to understand predicted consequence of a warming climate; warmer air holds more moisture than cooler air, just waiting for a cold front to trigger a torrential rain event.

In the end we may find that these denialists were nothing of the sort. They were true believers that decided they could not or would not do anything about it.


Referring to 0:10 in the video, “22 miles” would hardly be out in space.

But yes, weather satellites in geostationary orbits 22 thousand miles from the earths surface regularly see the smoke from large wildfires.


Jill completely kicked their lying asses! She deserves more air time (duh).


What is new is the size and scope of the propaganda mechanism. Radio, TV, the print media and the internet are all jam packed with false information designed to lure the citizen into believing lies that enhance the corporate position at their expense.

Joseph Gobbels couldn’t have imagined such a powerful tool.

Fox made the mistake of allowing Jill Stein to get a word in edgewise.


Excellent point.

Correct, it is hardly just Fox.

Nearly every TV and radio source is now the same, playing down climate change as, “If it is real it’s far off in the distant future and something you don’t really need to worry about.”


Your words carry the deja vu of my prior comments. Could be an accident. Too often this occurs…

I explain the ongoing struggle to those who pretend that the U.S. had a perfect Democracy and that WE let it slip away and other such platitudes.

In any case, the struggle is real and apart from previous cusps of extinctions, I don’t think there was ever this much at stake.


Thank you.

Do you happen to know how many STATES have Jill Stein on their upcoming Presidential ballots (or voting the Green Party option)?


She needs to have that self-discipline, to hold her Grace under fire to be taken seriously. I am impressed at how articulate she is on any number of subjects.

Too bad the media gives her so little face time… I mean compared to that idiot Pallin?

Back in 2000 Oprah had George Bush, Jr. on and she kissed him! The kiss was the cover of the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times. Oprah has so much influence… it’s a shame she’s such a sellout to the consumer/corporate culture that made her so rich. Otherwise, she could do a lot for the nation by inviting Jill Stein on to talk about the REAL issues.


The Money Men don’t WANT to invest in anything that might benefit human beings or the sustainability of this planet’s habitat. They have the mentality of the “Enclosure Movement” and think they’ll be safe in their underground bunkers or hilltops.


Actually the study found that Fox viewers were less informed than those who don’t watch news–“watch” being the operative word. Here’s more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2011/11/21/fox-news-viewers-uninformed-npr-listeners-not-poll-suggests/#fa4bbb06189c


That Fox News is about indoctrination and the deliberate uniforming of the population is a given. Of greater concern is the fact that Poltical leaders that do acknowledge Global warming still say one thing and do another when it comes to addressing the issues.

As example here in Canada the respective Political leaders do like to show how INFORMED they are when it comes to this issues but none of their Policies do anything to address the same. They still on the forefront of promoting the next big oil and gas project.