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Seen as Undermining Bold Agenda, Progressives Rip Dem Leaders' Embrace of 'Absurd' Pay-Go Rule


Seen as Undermining Bold Agenda, Progressives Rip Dem Leaders' Embrace of 'Absurd' Pay-Go Rule

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Embracing the kind of deficit phobia frequently deployed by the GOP and corporate Democrats to undercut ambitious goals like Medicare for All, free public college, and a transformative green energy plan, Democratic leaders are vowing to reinstitute "fiscally hawkish" pay-as-you go rules if they retake control of the House in 2018—a move progressives denounced as severely wrongheaded and "actively harmful."


And here we go again. Another example of the LOTE bullshit vs. progressive agenda. We progressives that are sick and tired of the “old guard” establishment corporatist neo-liberal Dims are labeled as the bad guys for not falling into line to defeat the evil Rethugs every election by voting for them. Yet the Dims refuse to run any progressive candidates, simply regurgitating the same old same old “old guard” establishment corporatist neo-liberal asshats that vote for their donors, and not for us progressives. And thus do the goal-posts get moved further and further and further to the right, incrementally, every election cycle. The Dims are now easily far right of the Republican party of the 1980’s. And The Rethugs are so far right that they don’t even remotely resemble the Rethugs of old.

Round and round we go.


This is a preemptive attack on policies that are overwhelmingly supported by the party’s own voters and, in some cases, majorities of the entire electorate.

Good to know where the party leadership stands!


From the article:

“As Blest notes, pay-go is a particularly absurd policy for Democrats given that Republicans just completely ditched their deficit fearmongering—which was never genuine in the first place—to ram through massive tax breaks for the rich and massive corporations.”

That’s only the half of it. The other half is to use the resulting deficit as a pretext to cut “entitlements”—which, of course, only benefit the 99%.


DINO corporate Dems move to the right as they have done since Bill Clinton…with the predictable consequences. ANY “bold progressive agenda” s anathema to the DINO corporate/banker/wall st whore wing of the DP…especially corrupt in NY.

Loss after loss employing this “strategy” was never changed after repeated mid-term losses or the reasons WHY? examined truthfully - they were ignored; the DP doubled-down as they continue to do to this day…a pathetic display that shopws contempt fot the middle class and poor - the “little” guy, gal, and family! .As contemptible in their own way as R’Cons…just with a different focus and BS narrative, but still serving the same big-money thives and parasites! FRELL the DP and ALL who use it as their personal corrupt power base!

“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” - MLK
With "friends like the DINO sellout wing, who needs the trump regime to screw us and destroy our republic!?

In NY the Clinton clone Sean Maloney was chosen to divert any potential for a progressive Attorney General in either Zephyr Teachout or Preet Bharara - Maloney is now running for two offices…also pathetic. The NY PTB will never reform, nor will the national DP sellouts. The Clinton/Cuomo camps want power and influence and will do anything to hold onto it! Cuomo is one of the most vindictive, ambitious, politicians, who sees a presidency in his corrupt sellout future. He is also still enraged at Zephyr Teachout almost defeating him last primary!

The DP establishment is terrified of the power of the people and predictably retrench into defensive R’Con-lite mode to protect their increasingly irrelevant, complicit and craven positions and candidates…including sellout Sean Maloney!


Looks like the “blue wave” is gonna be more like “yellow snow” flurries.


[quote=“Emphyrio, post:5, topic:52300”]
“In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” - MLK
With "friends like the DINO sellout wing, who needs the trump regime to screw us and destroy our republic!?

I wish my guru and drummer Thom Hartmann, progressive radio host would come to this conclusion also emphyrio. You are right on the money, except we get none nor prospects of any, maybe crumbs like always will trickle down.


The DNC’s hatchet job on Bernie was its biggest reveal since the hatchet job on Henry Wallace in 1944 that true progress always gets thrown under the bus when possible.


Why would we NOT pay for the spending we do?

What we spend on is a completely different argument.
I’m sure that my spending priorities are very different from most folks on this site, but ALL spending should be paid for.

Spending vast sums of money by stealing it from our children and every future generation is wrong where it’s for social programs or military adventures.


It was the same with Ron Paul in 2012. The Republicans would rather see an Obama elected than risk rocking the pork boat with a Ron Paul. My God, he wasn’t in favor of endless foreign wars!

And Bernie might have interrupted up some Democrat corruption and that must not happen either!


Another case in point as to why the Dems in Congress need new leadership.

Pelosi and Hoyer are so beholden to the corporate and so afraid to do anything different than the same old anti-people strategies. They need to go.


When will progressives stop enabling this pathetic imitation of a resistance party? Time and resources spent taking it to the street on an issue by issue basis since Trump took office would have been better spent building a third party alternative and deliver the coup de gras to the Democratic party.

Once again, though, another election looms and there is no strong or viable third party option. Once again, precious time wasted on the feeble hope that by some miracle a party of corporate whores will somehow get religion by voting in some new blood. Without an organized home in this political system, there is no resistance. Progressives have no right to question the integrity and intelligence of Trump voters when they endlessly crawl on their bellies to beg crumbs of change from the Democrats.


All governments tax—that’s how they get revenue—and all governments spend—that’s how they fund their programs. But to run up a deficit to spend on party favors for the already well-off, and then claim to be “fiscally responsible” by cutting programs they’re ideologically opposed to, is the rankest hypocrisy.


Billionaire donors raising their ugly heads AGAIN! Looks like vote tampering is here to stay. Perhaps Dems WANT putin to rule.


The main reason that I know of is for the case where if you didn’t borrow for the spending and didn’t do the spending, that the overall cost would actually be worse - for example infrastructure spending - biting the bullet earlier can sometimes be better.

Of course if you get to to decide the tax rate too, the right answer could still be to not borrow and pay as you go - we just have to tax high enough to pay for what we really need.

I’m pretty progressive on most issues (war, military spending, free college, singe payer, etc.), but I take what could be called a traditional conservative viewpoint on a couple things. I think it is a desirable goal to have a smoothly run economy with tax rates as they are in Europe, with a much smaller military and no foreign bases, with increased foreign aid in a few places, and a near zero budget deficit with an aim towards paying off the debt.

That said, progressives don’t have control and we have some important goals to achieve and if he pragmatic way to get there is by borrowing, I’m not automatically opposed either.


How democratic! Pelosi and Hoyer like to dictate what the Dem Party will do from on high.

Democracy needs to grow not shrink. The old school leaders need to give way to new leaders.


Medicare for all isn’t sufficient for many, most Americans cannot afford co-paying extra for services and treatment that should be 100% free.
We need single payer system covered by our taxes that will not go toward making WMDs.


The phraise"deficit spending" was invented by the elites to fool us the people into thinking it was real. However after Clinton not only balanced but created over 200 billion dollar surplus that somehow vanished as soon as W took the WH. Mr. W then rammed deficit spending through the roof knowing 911 was needed to justify the massive public theft.


SOP for the IOP. Inauthentic Opposition Party.


Medicare for All would not have been my naming choice, but you have to get past comparing it exactly to the current Medicare system. I’m not crazy about the article at Vox (https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/9/13/16296656/bernie-sanders-single-payer), but you can see that the Sanders bill has no co-pays:

What’s more, the Sanders plan does not subject consumers to any out-of-pocket spending on health aside from prescriptions drugs. This means there would be no charge when you go to the doctor, no copayments when you visit the emergency room. All those services would be covered fully by the universal Medicare plan.

And I’m damn sure the House plan doesn’t propose any either as it is considered to be more comprehensive on the benefits side (though when I skimmed both bills, it is less comprehensive on the financial details - so I appreciated the work on that the Sanders bill did, even though I wish the House and Senate progressives had coordinated better and kept 1 bill and just evolved it)