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Seething With Anger, Probe Demanded into Exxon's Unparalleled Climate Crime


Seething With Anger, Probe Demanded into Exxon's Unparalleled Climate Crime

Jon Queally, staff writer

A broad coalition of community groups along with prominent leaders from the nation's top civil rights, environmental, and indigeneous people's movements on Friday sent a joint letter to the U.S.


Try Exxon Mobil for TREASON! Their crime is no less.


A corporate crime, similar in some respects to stooges and shills for the tobacco industry falsifying and hiding evidence for the enormous health risks and costs to society from smoking (and chewing). Exxon-Mobil must be held accountable for their false and misleading BS!

"ExxonMobil knew about the role fossil fuels played in driving climate change since the 1970s but concealed that information—and later sought to discredit those issuing warnings—in order to protect its own financial interests"

The enormous costs to society that can be attributed to the delay in combating man-made global warming and diverting public and government attention to the the risks, costs, and alieviating the coming disasters, should be paid by Exxon-Mobil just like the tobacco industry had to pay for their crimes of falsification and misinformation, hiding the truth from the public and government, to protect their financial interests!


Exon has yet to reckon with the Women in Hip Hop.


The damage has been done. I think a probe of what Exxon did should be carried out but we really have to direct our attention to fighting climate change rather than past corporate actions to create doubt about the science of global warming that might or might not have broken the law. We need less anger and more effort directed to transforming the electricity grid to wind and solar and implementing energy efficiency measures throughout society on a vast scale.


What happened in Alaska when the Exxon Valdez totally devastated Prince William sound with crude oil was a prime example of why this most evil and greedy corporation must be stopped. Because they have never been brought to any kind of justice or accountability. Exxon is too big to be held accountable and have had their greedy ways for far too long. This fossil fuel giant corporation has devastated our planet for profit and greed and it is way past time for the people to fight back. Bill McKibben, I wonder if there is any way the millions of people of this planet that have been impacted by Exxon's devastation could join in a class action lawsuit?


demanding a federal investigation???? really? We all know where that will go; nowhere. The fossil fuel companies own the government! WAKE UP!


A law suit? in courts whose judges were appointed by the government which is owned by the corporations? that would take years to get to a verdict? NO folks, we need serious mass direct action NOW.


No doubt. Just a suggestion. How about a world wide boycott of Exxon?


I suspect that might be very hard, for a similar reason to why boycotting the Kochs' products is hard: it's often difficult to tell who's selling Exxon product. To my knowledge, only Exxon-owned gas stations have to sell Exxon gasolene. Other stations might nominally be buying some other brand, but their distributor could be buying Exxon without letting on.


Separate from the accurate comments below, it is good to note that part of the foundation of this corrupted system is that voters have allowed corporations and politicians to lie with impunity. Since it pays handsomely to lie well, continually, there is no way out until we make liars pay so much that it is not worth their while. There will be lots of space in the penitentiaries for these criminals once we let the millions of minor drug offenders out. Lets make integrity, I mean real integrity pay well. Promote whistleblowers!!!!


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That was true in the past. But these days I don't often see fuel trucks with logos filling up the service stations.

I think they can buy from whoever now.


Of course, Hillary is forced to pay lip service to this group. But, as a corporate stooge, she will be sure to water down any enquiry, which she may be forced to initiate


You are absolutely right there. Gasoline is delivered to stations in three recipes, 87, 89, and 93 octane (with variation for summer versus winter blends). Branding only comes into the equation with the very small amount of additives that carry the BP, Exxon Mobil, Marathon, etc. signatures. Gasoline is a truly fungible commodity. The corporations have very little exposure at the retail level, so as tempted as I was to through rocks through the BP stations signs I encountered following the BP Horizon assault on the GOM, I knew I would only be hurting the franchisees. I do still boycott them out of principle, but send my support of sin elsewhere in doing so. What a world!


This kind of hyperbolic statement is not useful. Treason is not the crime here, for it is a crime, criminal neglect or racketeering is more like it. Silly knee jerk statements like this do not help.


The betrayal of one's own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.

I call it treason, with malice aforethought at that.


Exxon is just A name change from Standard Oil- A Company name/logo- But there are real people behind this name and they are the Board of Directors and Major Stockholders-
To me it would make more sense to identify who these folks are and then go after them as A group that Owns Exxon- And then there is the 7 sisters.....
British Petroleum owns at least half of the guilt of the Exxon Valdez Tragedy- That vessel lay stove up on Bligh Reef for the better part of A week, just spewing oil into the Sound-in relatively calm seas that could have made an effort worthwhile- What halted the clean-up efforts is that those BP gear locker buildings that were alleged to be loaded with clean-up gear were all EMPTY- Alyeska Pipeline Consortium had also retired all of the spill response crews/boats years earlier....
For the life of me I don't know why they didn't send another vessel out there to pump the Exxon Valdez dry- Whenever I was there it seems there was more than one tanker in port....


Board of Directors, major stockholders, AND top management.

And yes, all the major oil companies knew about the existence of science, and all participated in efforts to manipulate public consciousness on behalf of their ongoing business operations. The astonishing thing here is that Exxon had their own internal scientists assess the science, and then maintained records of their findings. Who inside Exxon ordered the original assessment? Clearly the company was not going to act on it if the report came back as it did. They botched their corporate "limited liability" protection by ordering the report, and then not acting on it.


Murder One will do. And Execs not the corporation.