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Seismic Blasting in Pursuit of Oil Puts Whales at Risk, Report Confirms


Seismic Blasting in Pursuit of Oil Puts Whales at Risk, Report Confirms

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A new report urges "extreme caution" in using seismic airguns to explore for fossil fuels underwater, saying it is "indisputable" that the practice has adverse impacts on Arctic marine life, especially whales.

Seismic testing involves a vessel towing an array of airguns that continuously blast loud, low frequency sound waves down through the water column and into the seabed with intervals as short as ten seconds. The operations can go on for weeks on end, depending on the size of area designated for the survey.


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This has been known to many for a rather long time.

Ten years from now (if we still have the Internet) we will be reading about another “new” study confirming what we already know…


The Earth is grievously ill. She needs time undisturbed in order to rejuvenate and heal. One of the chief activities that have disturbed her is that of the mining and drilling corporations. We must stop talking about transition fuels and commit to divestment from fossil fuels now.


Misery, death and destruction… Is there anything conservatives won’t do for money?


Just as Obama recently approved Royal Dutch Shell drilling operations in the Arctic, he also approved oil exploration and seismic blasting off the US East Coast - blasting that clearly threatens numerous marine species, especially mammals - deafness, inability to communicate, interfering with migrations and calving, and other unacceptable consequences of environmental ignorance to support greed and exploitation. Astonishing, or just another typical betrayal from a person with little or no actual environmental respect of understanding? His only environmental protection actions (fairly timid at that) came in the second term and only when those actions were supported by a vast number of people - no real leadership required! Obama, the self-proclaimed “change we can believe-in” Prez, has been arguably the worst Prez re environmental animal/habitat protection Prez in recent history! Pathetic corrupt ignorant corporate-whore “leadership”…


Mr. Obama stands with Stephen Harper, (Canadian sub-prime minister), Tony Abbot, (Australia sub-prime minister) are as Naomi Kline has stated, are Environmental Villains!


Since the current knowledge states that if we burn all the oil that existing wells can produce it will make our current problems many times worse I question the need to do this exploration in the first place.


Make that humans and I’ll agree with you.


They may act like animals, but conservatives are considered humans.


All through my life I have read, heard of and witnessed these whale strandings, and all seemed “baffled” by this mystery-And now I call Bullshit- Some one always knew why and “that” someone were the people doing it!
This is totally unacceptably criminal and needs to be stopped ASAP- Would any out there trade the lives of these whales for some gooey black dead shit that we need less and less of as time and technology marches on-


Many would probably harvest their families organs if there was A quick buck to be had-


Like they harvest the organs of our dead soldiers and of our dead “enemies”.


Good point- The cannon fodder created from our young is little different from what I said-


You have to wonder. Plus we add in that chemical soup we live in daily and the crap we spew in the air from pesticides to mercury and what not. The thing is that when you put all these contaminants together you kind of think how could this many chemicals not have an effect? This much contamination has to affect fetuses and small children.

Sad news about the formerly pristine arctic. That line about just how much sonic blasting will be done is horrendous. As another poster said… as you said… we can’t safely burn this stuff anyway. Greed is savage and fast becoming anti-human and anti-life.

Greed is literally killing the world and now the arctic is next.

I sure hope Bernie gets in since he is against arctic drilling. We could use a better way. This really is unnecessary.