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Seizing on Brexit, Corbyn Opponents Attempt to Oust Leftist Leader


Seizing on Brexit, Corbyn Opponents Attempt to Oust Leftist Leader

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, caught in the political crosshairs of a post-referendum Parliament, is remaining defiant as opponents seize on Brexit turmoil to attempt to push him out of office.

Corbyn is now readying for a leadership contest after 20 shadow cabinet ministers stepped down over the weekend, accusing the Labour chief of not doing enough to push for the Remain vote as UK residents decided on leaving or staying in the European Union.


Just as the neoliberal establishment is trying to scare the people into supporting their austerity economics in Europe, the Neoliberal establishment in America is trying to scare the anti- establishment public into supporting the neoliberal empress Hillary.


The coup against Corbyn is being carried outby Blairite neo-liberals who want him out of office before the Chilcott Report (into the Iraq war) is released in a few weeks. It was so "secret" that the paper known as the Torygraph published a detailed article about it TWO weeks ago!


Stay strong, Mr. Corbyn! Never give up.


Exactly, nineteen50, you're one of very few who really 'get' what's going on here!

Brexit is merely a mangled and misunderstood, but highly prescient sign, of EMPEXIT (to Exit Empire) --- the fast swelling "Political Revolution against EMPIRE" which is NOW organically evolving from Bernie Sanders' incomplete, vague, and undefined "Political Revolution" (against what?), which very quickly will explode with the firing of a loud, public, world-wide, universally humane, but non-violent, "Shout heard round the world" by all 'citizens of OUR world', to ignite a real and post-historical revolutionary "Political Revolution against EMPIRE". ---- Which as you correctly say, the Empire is trying to scare the people to vote for Empress-in-waiting (and War Hawk) Killary, but now the Empire is scared!

All of humanity is gathering ourselves to overcome this "Crisis of Humanity"
brought on by this Disguised Global Capitalist Empire as is so clearly
diagnosed by Professor Robinson, Noam Chomsky, Michael Hudson,
Christopher Hedges, Morris Berman, Zygmunt Bauman, Michael Hardt,
Antonio Negri, Karl Polanyi, Chalmers Johnson, Howard Zinn, Hannah
Arendt, et al.

As Professor Robinson so clearly diagnoses and fingers Washington as the metropole of an America that has metastasized into the heart of this global Empire:

"The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall. In this regard, “U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of the U.S. state apparatus to continue to attempt to expand, defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism. We face an EMPIRE OF GLOBAL CAPITAL, headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in Washington."
[Caps substituted for italics in the original]

Robinson, William 2014 "Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity" Cambridge University Press


As we see in almost every situation, TPTB will generally win no matter which way a vote goes --
rarely are they taken down --

And, even if their pathway is somewhat blocked to Globalization, they will find a way to punish whomever
they can --

During Parliamentary debate on Monday, the anti-austerity leader pleaded with the UK government to rule
out further cuts, and called for even greater investment in communities that voted to Leave and "sent such
a strong message to all of us just last week".

I've no doubt that will happen again in the case of Brexit or Remain --

While a few have been rewarded, imo -- many have been harmed by Globalization.
I think Bernie Sanders may have reached the wrong conclusion in supporting the "Remain" position.
I've no idea what Jill Stein thought of either position -- if anyone knows, I'd like to know.
Meanwhile I'll check when I get a chance.

The dangers of all of these agreements are to national sovereignity and the rights of the individual.

There will certainly be many FEARS thrown up --and I don't see how we can avoid drawing a
parallel between the EU and our own election where we now have two Elite candidates running,
representing the Elite.
Threats of unemployment, downturns, more austerity, economic instability.


wobblie, thanks for the link to that great article (and web-site)


Gee! I better vote for your darling Donald now. He will be so good for the people.


The 32 members of Corbyn's own shadow cabinet were mostly Corbyn supporters, not Blairites. Corbyn turned in a miserable performance in the Brexit fight and that's why his leadership is being challenged now. Of course the Blairites support it, but attributing this to a Blairite conspiracy is wide of the mark.


You know what ass u ming does? I would never vote for Trump or his twin Hillary and their corporate neoliberal/neocon empire and it's economics of more $ for the 1% and more austerity for the rest.


Corbyn lost the "no confidence" vote by a wide margin.
We have seen similar successful and attempted destruction of politicians that represent the 99% by the forces of the status quo and 1%.
The list is long and Corbyn another threat to corrupt power who is being "swiftboated" into oblivion - or so they try.
Some opponants of corrupt power politics and big-money have been disappeared/silenced for good and we all know their names, the how and when.

To his great credit Corbyn refuses to quit his post. Apparently the ploy and rationale is he didn't fight hard enough against Brexit and now the consequences - like he as "leader" is responsible for all the jingoism and racist fears/propaganda in the UK and other nations feeling the results of the war in Syria.
A cynical person might think turmoil is conceived and executed to provide the excuse for more fear, divisions and political manipulations - or to cloak expansionist "religious" racism, or start another profitable (for some) war with Russia, or Iran, or Venezuela..........


I'm guessing the next step will be to push for someone "more electable" -- which means someone more right-leaning, Tried that in Canada by choosing Tom Mulcair and it was a disaster. Labour voters want a real left wing party, not "Labour lite".


I read your comment: “...which is NOW organically evolving from Bernie Sanders' incomplete, vague, and undefined "Political Revolution" (against what?)...”. Are you implying that the tree is organic but a branch of the tree is not?

You seemed to let it slip your awareness that such language as your above phrase is textbook divide and conquer methodology. As documents from the GOP and the Clinton camps have revealed. And we can expect such perverse efforts throughout the digital ether during this campaign. Sanders' campaign developed by addressing issues, issues whose genesis most certainly show similar origins and are not a disparate, 'incomplete, vague and undefined' patchwork as you thoughtlessly blurted.

Getting to the core of something, and that seems to be your aim, means not playing lexical games. What we're trying to describe is as old as humankind. It's called power and its abuse. It's independent of technology, time or economic systems. And from that comes aggression, exploitation, the absence of fairness and justice in all domains as well as the usual lineup of capitalism, neo-liberalism and empire. But you have to put it at the level of actual people. Shout 'Political Revolution against EMPIRE' over and over and over and unless you're attending a political conference or pushing a book you'll lose people by the minute. And sound like a troll in the process. Capisce?


eyewitness, I'm glad you brought this up, as it will open the discussion that is essential, namely, how (and why) simply, and strangely in your opinion, just "Shouting 'Political Revolution against EMPIRE' over and over and over ... (will NOT) ... lose people by the minute."

Such a public out-burst of shouting Empire today will not "lose people", for reasons that I will explain [soon as time allows me]