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Seizing on Latest Police Killing, National Protests Declare: 'This Must Stop!'


Seizing on Latest Police Killing, National Protests Declare: 'This Must Stop!'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Seizing on the growing backlash against police brutalization and discriminatory mass incarceration, people across the country on Tuesday took to the streets. With mass demonstrations, sit-ins, and blockades, protesters in 30 cities demanded an end to "business as usual" within the U.S. criminal justice system.


Yes, BLACK LIVES DO MATTER! But unfortunately, the reason black lives do not matter to so many racists, is they have been considered second class American citizens ever since the founding of the American Republic and that has led to what we have today.

Yes! It is way past time, this racism must stop!


You’re not going to believe this video.

Arizona police officer runs over suspect.

I wonder if it ever occurred to the driver that someone might be standing on the other side of that wall.



Black folks were not even second class citizens on this stolen land from the First Nations when the “American” “Republic” was founded.




Excellent point! They were brought here as slaves, not even as third class citizens. Since the only true Americans, the Native Americans, had their country stolen from them and the African Americans were brought to America against their will as slaves, they both deserve massive reparations.



That’s a great visual. Where did you find it?



Democratic underground dot com, or democratic echo chamber as I call it. Very bleeding heart, I was banned for dissing Obama’s war crimes in Libya. Many great stories/pix/vids/comix though, amongst some fluff. User posted content, front page is most up voted, many users w/ 30-40,000 posts. Stories change by the minute as so many are posting.


Thanks. I’ve glanced at that site before but I need to take a closer look.

Don’t feel bad about getting banned. I’ve been kicked off more sites than I can count - even film discussion websites (critics can’t take criticism - who would have thought?).