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Seizing Upon Post-Hurricane Damage, Puerto Rico's New "Education Reform" Law Paves Way for Charters, Vouchers


Seizing Upon Post-Hurricane Damage, Puerto Rico's New "Education Reform" Law Paves Way for Charters, Vouchers

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Roughly six months after Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, the island's governor signed into law "education reform" legislation that he says "puts our students first" but that critics say stinks of a privatization plan that will do nothing to help students.


Katrina Redux.


People of Puerto Rico : Like Nancy Raygun said,

“Just Say No.”


Disaster Capitalism has been moving around the world for 46 years and the elites keeping winning, privatizing and looting countries, century old business’, the taxpayers coffers. It all started by Milton Friedman and the American corporations who were to gain like all fossil fuels, chemical companies, and keep track any longer of the corrupt corporations that have no loyalties to countries. They want to rule the world and our governments around the world allow it as the politicians making the laws and regulations that allow privatization while getting rich themselves.

Time to stand up people, but we know we are singing to the choir here.


There’s a question to the Governor MS. Ravitch forgot:
Does he know we will find out how much his bribe is ?


Everywhere we need to be saying NO to Charter schools.

This is simply an assault on public education.


Puerto Rico is the perfect test case for what they intend to do to the entire country. They want to privatize and deregulate everything. They will take all the responsibility for governance and put it in the hands of the corporations. Once they do this, they have attained total and unlimited power over everything. Once that is accomplished they will go about taking away all the peoples rights, freedoms, and benefits and turn the citizens from ordinary wage/debt slaves, into the more traditional variety.

They make progress everyday and I don’t see any group or institution that can stop them.


Charter schools are among the ugliest faces of privatization. Borrowing money so a coop can grow is a subtler version of the same ugly face.

Privatization is a bankers dream. Interest plus up front fees. Great game with a second set of up front fees at refinance time for a loan the privatizer does not plan to pay back.

This is a repeat of New Orleans and Honduras with Chile beyond memory.


Who wrote that law - Betsy DeVos?


This governor is a real loser and needs to be impeached.