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Seizing Wells and Going on Strike, Peruvian Protesters Stand Up to Big Oil



Oxfam's Lévano Muñoz says the indigenous groups have agreed to exploitation of petroleum reserves yet the Achuar man speaking in this vid says clearly "no to the oil companies. Rather, (we must) search for a way to live healthy and free in our own territory".


"Many of our brothers have already died from poisoning." Many of our lives are on the line. This report of resistance, sadly shines a light on but one instance of the ongoing ecocide and genocide carried out today on behalf of property, profit, extraction, production, consumption.

Colonialism never died, it grew into the two-headed monster of neoliberalism and neoconservativism. Such systemic, greed- and growth-driven viciousness needs to be sharply pruned with biocentrism (an ethic of life above property), and solidarity (an ethic of mutuality above gain).

The clearly accelerating dis-integration of the ecology and civilization has gone hyperbolic. We need a permaculture redesign of the systems of society and the political economy.

What is this tool that we grasp with our hands? It is only our lives, our humanity, our culture, our society, our political economy, we can take it back. It is only our lives.

All blessings to FECONACO, to the Achuar and Urarina peoples, and to the Corrientes, Marañon, Tigre and Pastaza rivers.


This is remeniscent of RD Shell's exploitation of the Niger Delta when they polluted the Ogoni tribal lands, the Ogoni got little or no benefits from the millions/billions in profits Shell and the Nigerian regime stole, only polluted/poisoned water and land!
Shell was also complicit in repression killings of Ogoni people and protesters against their theft and pollution, notably Ken saro-Wiwa, an internationally respected activist who was executed by the regime and Shell had/has his blood on their hands. Shell eventually paid millions in compensation for Ken's murder.

Here's hoping these courageous people don't meet the same fate many who protest against corporate piracy/Big-Oil and corrupt government meet.





Right here at home in the U.S.A. we have the same situation yet we hide from it. Why? The recent spill on Colorado, the mine's on the Navajo Rez and so much more. Right here at home, next door to you and your's. Silence...I too am at a loss for words. Recently though Sen. J. McCain was run off the Navajo Rez because of lack of leadership on this issue(s). I saw that it was only note worthy on IndianCountryToday's web-site. It should be a warning to all those wearing French Cuff's in congress, the natives are getting restless.