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Selective Outrage Over Aleppo Bombing


Selective Outrage Over Aleppo Bombing

Steven Chovanec

The United States is manipulating humanitarian concern in an effort to protect its proxy militias and its imperial regime-change project in Syria. The mainstream media and intellectual classes are dutifully falling in line, promoting a narrative favoring U.S. military aggression under the cover of “protecting civilians.”


One of the better articles yet on the reality of what goes on in Syria. Virtually the entire narrative being advanced by Western Governments and its compliant media is FALSE and outright fabrication. That bit about the US Governmnet being opposed to allowing civilians to evacuate Aleppo because “people should be allowed to stay in their own homes” is asinine.

When Israel bombed Gaza the US claimed the fact that Israel dropped leaflets to warn the Palestinians to flee was all that was required. According to the US in that instance, if they did not flee they got what was coming to them.


Too bad Secretary of State Kerry doesn’t know anything about the worse American outrage, the killing of over 2 million people in SE Asia


Thank you Mr. Chovanec. The weeks ahead are critical and many innocent lives hang in the balance. Clinton has not deviated from her outrageously stupid insistence on increased and illegal actions against Syria. The Syrians and Russians have little time left to solidify the facts on the ground and force a cease-fire and possibly an end to ISIS, etc., at least for now. Some have reported here that Chinese naval warships are heading for the area. The strongest language, and which is not even commented on by the msm, was the Russian warning that it knew the locations of all the embedded US-allied intelligence centers providing the logistical control for the proxy forces. The jig, it would seem, is up, but I’ve come to never underestimate the cruelty and determination of our MIC.


" that the rebels have been utilizing “intentional placement of firing positions close to social infrastructure, aside and inside civilian quarters.”"

“This is because it has always been the policy of the Syrian government to separate civilians from insurgents”

"Unfortunately, it is only Syria and Russia that are following through on
these commitments, while the U.S. and its allies are consciously
blocking the effort.

So if Russian and Syrian airstrikes kill civilians it is the US fault that they were use a shields. when US airstrikes do it, it is a deliberate attack on civilians. No selective bias at all from the author. Can this giy be more obvious? He would have been a good propaganda secretary of the Soviet Union.


America is drunk on war.


Trump’s charge toward Clinton that she doesn’t know who the U.S. backed rebels are is probably untrue, but she surely won’t admit in a debate that they are Al Queda and affiliates. Training and arming despicable people to do despicable dirty work seems to be a key strategy of the mighty U.S. military. If there was a just cause behind war, (and there never is), it would be worth an honorable fight.