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'Self-Centered Nationalism' Could Lead to War and Nuclear Disaster, Hiroshima Mayor Warns on 75th Anniversary of Attacks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/06/self-centered-nationalism-could-lead-war-and-nuclear-disaster-hiroshima-mayor-warns

Nationalism is , " self-centred"?
How’s that? Taking care of one’s own country first is an acceptable economic set of strategies. Manufacturing, " what you can " in your own country and being will to trade with others isn’t a bad thing or morally wrong. It’s a responsibility to it’s own citizens.
Mr. Blair M. Phillips

Take the matches of the children and throw away your own matches for you do not own the world it does not belong to you .
Who are you in deciding the fate of the Earth.It is not yours to decide .The future belongs to life ,life is prime value .Life is what we are, it’s what we are caring for .
From All Thoughts Everywhere.

Destroyer of worlds .

  1. Out of little over 2000 atomic explosions that have taken place in the world, almost half, 928, have been set off in America, in Nevada.
    St. George, Utah, took the brunt.
    Look up Dirty Harry (not the movie).
    Look up The Conqueror (the movie).
    St. George suffered so much cancer there were years they could not field a high school football team.
    War Dept. loves the bomb more than their own people.