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Self-Defense Gun Use is Rare, Study Finds


Self-Defense Gun Use is Rare, Study Finds

Violence Policy Center

WASHINGTON - Private citizens rarely use guns to kill criminals or stop crimes, a new study from the Violence Policy Center (VPC) finds.




Anecdotes are not data.  

For some reason, whenever people discuss guns, comprehension of statistics goes out the window.  In this case, you are right.  We are listing the incidents where the intended victim killed outright in self defense.  Perpetrators who survived the shootings, or who retreated upon seeing a gun, do not appear in this analysis. 

 I have read the Kleck/Gertz and the Kellerman studies, and there are serious problems with their numbers.  I have not read John Lott's studies, but it is entertaining to read up on him.  Crime has gone down significantly in the last fifteen years or so, in almost all jurisdiction, from the heavily armed, to the highly disarmed.  Don't bother quoting crime trends to me. 

Before you get too far into this, I strongly recommend the following website on crime and violence.  it establishes a lot of context. 




That may be true but I am not data, I am an anecdote.